Review: Revelation by Victor Acquista


Rich in history and mythology, The Saga of Venom and Flame is a gripping battle between the masters of mind control and the brave warriors who oppose them as they fight to prevent a mounting apocalypse of death and destruction.

An ancient conspiracy is about to be exposed…

Since the dawn of civilization, a clandestine Brotherhood has been secretly organizing a hidden agenda. As the Illuminati orchestrate worldwide catastrophic events to establish a New World Order, only Serena Mendez and an ancient society with ties to Atlantis can save humanity from centuries of manipulation.

Serena may have completed her training, but she is a warrior without a weapon. As Serena and her allies work to defeat the Illuminati, she must decipher seven mysterious messages that hold the key to survival in this thrilling race to unlock a secret that will change humankind—forever.

Rating: 5-stars


For fans of paranormal suspense fiction Revelation by Victor Acquista is a must-read book. It has everything from suspense to adventure to romance and danger. I absolutely loved reading it. Victor Acquista proves to have a knack for writing superb stories. This is one superb tale. I enjoyed how he combined mythology and suspense to create this novel. The mythology elements are evident as readers dig further into the book. Then, there is the amazing cast of characters. Each character only adds to the journey. Serena and her boyfriend make reading a pleasure. They are fierce, strong, and independent characters. The novel is character driven. I also loved the dialogue. Good and evil are a prevalent theme in this book. Serena and her man represent the good side. They are plenty who will go after her for what she is. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this electrifying thrill ride. I recommend it to all who love action, suspense, and danger.

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