Review: Ice Islands by Humphrey Hawksley


Major Rake Ozenna faces dangerous choices and deadly consequences in this rip-roaring political thriller that takes you from the ice islands of Finland to the bustling streets of Tokyo via Russia and the White House . . . Buckle up, this is a thrilling ride!

Major Rake Ozenna’s mission is simple: gain access to the Kato family – Japan’s most dangerous crime empire – and stop the threat to America. But when the secret son of the Russian leader is executed and Rake’s target, Sara Kato, is implicated in the murder, a political crisis between Russia, Japan and the US is set in motion.

It’s a race to protect Sara and earn her trust whilst escaping the inhospitable terrain of the icy Aland island. Meanwhile, Russia wants revenge for the murder, a catastrophic move when it is revealed Japan have been stockpiling nuclear weapons.

As Rake learns the true extent of their deadly plans, he must draw on every ounce of his training to succeed. Because if he fails, it won’t just be his life that will be lost . . . the consequences will be global!

Rating: 5-stars


Ice Islands by Humphrey Hawksley is the first of his novels I have read. This book is part of a series. However, I did enjoy following this story and did so without issues. I am a huge fan of espionage thrillers. Humprehy Hawksley brought it all to life in his new release. Think of The Godfather and James Bond combined. That is what Ice Islands is like. It has that deadly vibe hanging onto every page. So much could go wrong in each event. Every action has consequences that can lead to a huge catastrophic event. Yet, somehow, Major Rake Ozenna and his team manage what seems like the impossible. Politics, crime, and war go hand-in-hand in this epic read. There was not a single moment of boredom. Action-packed, I was addicted. One person seemed to be the key in all of it and everything relied on what happened the following events. I kept thinking the this will be it. The danger and variety of characters kept me intrigued. I found the cast entertaining and believable. Overall, this is the book to read if you want a dark yet deadly adventure.

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