Meet This Author: David Bowles

Q: What were some of the tales you were told by your family that were your favorite?
The story of my grandfather bringing home his first horseless carriage. The last roundup and cattle drive from the family ranch. The day my grandfather turned on the first electricity at the ranch house.

Q: When did you begin writing the Westward Saga series? 
I began the research for the Westward Sagas about 1980. Originally, I wrote a simple narrative of my family in genealogy speak. The family showed little interest in reading my wordy narrative of our family tree. Once I began to weave the family stories into epic events in history, they took interest in the stories of their ancestors. In 2009, the first book Spring House, was published.

Q: How many novels have you published so far?
The five books of the Westward Sagas Series in chronological order are Spring House, Adam’s Daughters, Children of the Revolution, Comanche Trace, and soon-to-be released Sheriff of Starr County.

Q: Tell us, readers what your latest release, Comanche Trace, is about.
Comanche Trace is a story with two journeys. One the sad but true story of Fayette Smith who was captured by Comanche Indians on his ninth birthday. His father is killed, and Fayette was wounded during an outing on Shoal Creek. His uncle Will a Texas Ranger sets out alone from Austin to find Fayette. His journey puts him in danger, caught between rifts between the Republic of Texas, the Mexican
government, and the Indians.

Q: Who are the main characters in your new release?
A nine-year-old boy named Fayette and his Uncle Will are the primary characters in Comanche Trace.

Q: What themes will readers find in Comanche Trace?
The themes I have used in Comanche Trace are love, survival, loss, courage, and heroism.

Q: Describe your writing style using three words.
Creative Historical Fiction

Q: What was your inspiration for Comanche Trace?
Comanche Trace was inspired by a letter I found dated September 17, 1842. Lewis Jones, the founder of Independence, Missouri penned a compassionate letter to the widow Angelina Smith, the mother of Fayette, Jones wrote “Your son Fayette arrived here yesterday under the care of Mr. Peter Duncan under whose charge he was placed by John Rowland of Taos, New Mexico under my protection at this place.” He went on to comfort Angelina that the good Samaritans that ransomed Fayette had taken good care of her son. He detailed plans to get Fayette safely back to his family. That and other letters including one from Sam Houston inspired me to write Comanche Trace and its sequel Sheriff of Starr County.

Q: For aspiring writers in your genre, what advice would you pass on to them?
Write with passion, start marketing you and your book after the first chapter.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online?
My author’s website is where readers can purchase autographed books. They can also be purchased on If your favorite bookstore or library doesn’t have my books, they can be ordered from the wholesaler

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