Meet This Author: Shelia Roberts

Q: How did you get started in writing contemporary romance novels?
Once upon a time I wrote historical novels. I finally decided I’m better at writing stories set in my own time period. I still enjoy reading historical romance, but I also really enjoy stories in a contemporary setting.

Q: How would you describe your writing style using three words?
Heartwarming, humorous, accessible.

Q: Tell us, readers, a little bit about your new release, The Road to Christmas.
In this story you’ll be a passenger in three different cars, as members of the Turnbull family make their way to the home of the youngest Turnbull daughter to spend the holiday in her new home. We have Max and Michelle, on the verge of divorce and sucking it up for one last Christmas together, sisters Audrey and Shyla, bickering their way across state lines, and Warren and Hazel, the grandparents, who have packed everything but Warren’s meds. It’s a bumpy road for all concerned but along the way they’ll find true love, new beginnings, laughter and tears, and hope. At the end of the road is a happy ending… and red velvet cake. What’s not to like about that!

Q: How would you describe the couples featured in your multi-generational story?
We do see a contrast between Hazel and Warren who have been together for years and have there for each other through thick and thin and Max and Michelle, who are struggling to put back together a relationship broken by anger and grudges. I was rooting for Hazel and Warren to get to their destination safely and cracking up over Audrey and Shyla’s crazy adventures, but I especially loved helping Max and Michelle heal their relationship.

Q: Do you outline or just dive straight into the story when writing it?
I’m a big believer in pre-planning. As with a road trip, things may change a little along the way,
but I like to have a map so I know I’ll reach my destination.

Q: What is your favorite beverage when working on a new project?
A girl should always start her day, and her story, with a latte.

Q: What themes will readers find in your new release, The Road to Christmas?
The theme of forgiveness is a strong one. I once heard it said that unforgiveness is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Having held a few grudges in my time, I’ve come to realize that the thorny things are no good to hang onto.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers in your genre?
Read, read, read. And observe. Analyze what makes the stories of your favorite writers’ work. Take classes, read books on writing, attend conferences. Take the time to learn your craft. Don’t
be in a hurry to put your story out there because once it’s in print it’s too late to fix it. So, let it simmer. Then, before exposing it to the world, expose it to a select few readers and an editor.
Better to get criticism from a small circle of friends than a whole herd of reviewers.

Q: How many projects are you currently working on that you can share with us, readers?
I’ve completed the next installment in my Moonlight Harbor series, Mermaid Beach, which I’m very excited about. (By the way, Mira, my publisher gave me the most adorable cover for that book. I can’t stop looking at it!) I’m now hard at work on next year’s Christmas tale. I do love

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online?
Do visit my website: where you’ll find excerpts from my novels as
well as fun recipes, a blog and a contest page. (We always have a contest going.) There you
can also sign up for my monthly newsletter Super You. I’m on Facebook (fun with Sheila) and
Instagram (sheilarobertswriter)You can find my books online wherever books are sold. I hope
you’ll visit my Amazon author page:

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