Review: Hero Haters by Ken MacQueen


Jake Ockham had a dream job, vetting nominees for the Sedgewick Medallion—the nation’s highest civilian award for heroism. His own scarred hands are an indelible reminder of the single mother he failed to pull from a raging house fire; her face haunts him still. Obligations drag him back to his hometown to edit the family newspaper but attempts to embrace small-town life, and the hot new doctor, are thwarted by unknown forces. The heroes Jake vetted go missing and he becomes the prime suspect in the disappearances. Aided by resourceful friends, Jake follows a twisted trail to the Dark Web, where a shadowy group is forcing the kidnapped medalists to perform deadly acts of valor to amuse twisted subscribers to its website. To save his heroes, Jake must swallow his fears and become one himself…or die in the attempt.

Rating: 5-stars


Hero Haters by Ken MacQueen is an engaging suspense thriller that was easy to love. It had a hero who goes about saving heroes being kidnapped and forced to do evil things. It was a unique twist that captures one’s full interest. I became deeply invested in this novel. I needed to know more about the characters and how it would all end. Ken MacQueen has a knack for creating a tale that should be viewed on the big screens everywhere. This had a bit of a similarity to my favorite action-packed tales. It had the edgy suspense of a James Bond tale. I never knew what would happen next. There was always a curve ball. I loved not knowing all the details. This was refreshing. Ken MacQueen masterfully combined danger, action, and suspense into one epic read. I loved it and recommended it to all.

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