Review: Suspension by Andrea Faye Christians


An unexpected time travel tale. When Carla Thompson falls asleep and doesn’t wake up, she is shocked to discover what destiny has in store for her. Suspended between two worlds, she meets Isambard Brunel, the legendary eighteenth-century civil engineer, who built the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England, and who now serves as the guardian of its secrets. Historical events intertwine with Carla’s current reality and along the way she discovers a murder, encounters a host of characters, including Jamaican psychic, Matilda, and engages in verbal banter with literary legend, Ernest Hemingway. Her adventures lead her to a startling revelation about why she was chosen for her strange new role. In death, Carla realizes she has never felt more alive.

Rating: 5-stars


Suspension by Andrea Faye Christians is a well-written time travel novel. It has an appeal that readers from a variety of genres will love. I love the mystery of the plot. The suspense, historical feel, and the unbelievable events make it that much more interesting. I was hooked. This is the first book I read by Andrea Faye Christians. The characters, events, and pacing made it a wonderful journey. I would definitely recommend reading this and more by her in the future.

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