Review: Tracker by Lenora Worth



Single mother Penny Potter has spent months in hiding to keep her toddler from his father, a rogue FBI agent turned fugitive. But he’s determined to flee the country with the child, and she can’t dodge him forever. When he corners Penny in the Montana wilderness and gets away with their son, she’s forced to trust his brother, handsome FBI K-9 agent Zeke Morrow. And Zeke must decide where his loyalty lies: with his sibling or the woman he wasn’t supposed to fall for. As the bullets fly and family ties are tested, Penny and Zeke will fight to save the boy who brought them together.

Rating: 5-stars


Tracker by Lenora Worth is amazing! All of the feels, action-packed scenes, and the suspense of what will be keeps my full attention. It is one epic rollercoaster ride. A single mother is running away from the father of her child. A father that was once one of the best FBI agents. Now, he is one of the worst criminals. He has the means and connections to keep track of his woman and son. Then, there is the half-brother who is also one of the best FBI agents. He and his K-9 partner race to keep both the woman and child safe. Yet, trust issues between the agent and the woman keep them from danger. Twists and turns are plenty in this tale. I enjoy characters who pop off the pages. These characters have a way of melting my heart, making me cry, and rooting for them. It is full of family, love, and faith too. Tracker is definitely one crime heart pounding yet sweet inspired read I recommend to all.

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