Meet This Author: Chloey Rose

Q: What were some of your favorite songs growing up? 
One of the main artists I’ve been influenced by since growing up is the very quirky Kate Bush and her song ‘Hounds of Love’. Her lyrics and music always tell a theatrical story filled with emotion. I feel her performances are always captivating which always makes her stand out against others, her talent and stage presence gave me inspiration to shape my own style and sound without trying to be like anyone else. I feel it’s so important to always be yourself! We are all unique and we should embrace it.

Q: When did you begin writing and singing? 
From a young age, I found myself captivated by singers and musicians and I grew up listening to artists such as Eva Cassidy, Celine Dion, Queen, and The Police as my family was a massive fan of them all. I can’t remember the exact moment I discovered my love for music; however, I remember how I became lost in the emotion of the music whenever I was singing almost as if it enabled me to express myself in a way in which I cannot without it. There is nothing quite like it! I began songwriting more seriously in my late teens and this became an important gateway for me to express myself as an individual and heal through music by sharing past emotions or experiences I have had.

Q: How many songs have you published so far?
I have published about 10 tracks on music platforms; I have many songs I haven’t yet released and those songs that are still in the early stages. One of my ambitions would be for my music to become the soundtrack on a drama series or film! I would love to write the next bond theme!

Q: Tell us, readers what your latest song release, Golden Sun is about. ‘Golden Sun’ is a track that will appeal to pop lovers looking for new soulful acoustic melancholy and emotive music to add to their playlists. Stepping out into the sun fills the listeners with imagery of positive change and freedom. I can imagine people enjoying listening to the track whilst on holiday or just chilling. The lyrics are informing listeners to not be afraid to step out away from their fears, accepting the past and when the time is right stepping out from the shadows into the Golden Sun.

I also hope pop lovers will enjoy the Music Video for this track, filmed in the English countryside surrounded by nature which I felt was the perfect setting for this song.

Q: What inspired your new music, Golden Sun?
I am currently co-writing my new music with my talented musician friend Harry David and we both had the idea of writing a positive and uplifting track which would work well as a summer ballad. This inspired the makings of ‘Golden Sun’ and we crazily wrote the track in one evening! At the beginning of writing Golden Sun, I really felt drawn to writing a song that was going to uplift and help inspire listeners to
become the best version of themselves.

Q: What themes will fans find in Golden Sun?
I feel many supporters will discover themes of positivity, self-belief, change, freedom, love, and empowerment. More than anything I really want people to be uplifted by the song and be inspired to be brave and become the best version of themselves and who they aspire to be. I was inspired to write a song about how you shouldn’t be afraid to step out away from your fears, accept the past and when the time is right stepping out from the shadows into the ‘Golden Sun’.

Q: What is it like juggling your music career with acting and modelling?
It can be challenging; however, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to do all three. I find it much more exciting when I am doing different projects, I always try to be as open minded as possible to whichever opportunity comes along as you never know who you may meet, and these experiences continue to inspire new creative ideas. I also love being on set with a team of people as you all are working to achieve the same goals and it’s great when you can celebrate these successes together.

Q: Which profession do you enjoy more singing, acting, or modelling?
I enjoy all three professions however my singing has always been my main passion and songwriting as well as the success in talent competitions over the years such as UK Unsigned and Open Mic UK. As a budding singer-songwriter being selected to attend the UK International Song-writing Festival held in Scotland, alongside 24 participants across the globe was an amazing experience where I shared and created music with a lot of talented musicians providing the opportunity to work with internationally
acclaimed songwriters. I believe this taught me the drive and determination to continue progressing in my singing and songwriting and never give up or change who I am as an artist.

Q: For aspiring singers in your genre, what advice would you pass on to them? For those wanting to follow your steps in modelling and acting what would you tell them?

1) Nothing happens overnight. It’s about hard work, dedication, and
determination to succeed.
2) The disappointments are as important as the successes as this can
only shape us to become stronger. Keep going! Don’t give up!
3) Enjoy the journey and every little success rather than focusing
completely on the end goal.
4) The importance of networking and meeting new people whether
this is collaborating with other songwriters, actors, models or
performing at events/festivals.
5) Be visible! Share your music, showreel or modelling as much as
possible and update your social media with lots of different content
such as videos and articles.

Q: When did you get into acting? 
From the age of 9, I began taking part in amateur dramatics acting in shows and was developing my confidence as a young performer. I first studied Drama and Theatre Studies gaining my drama A Level at aged 16, went on to study performing arts at college and then gained my BA (Hons) in drama degree in Performing Arts, at university. As an actress one memorable acting moment was when I took a leading role in the BBC Production of Lincoln 16 – Greenfields Beyond (performed in the spectacular grounds of Lincoln Castle and told the story of Lincolnshire women in the First World War). I have appeared on screen in films including Grimsby RV receiving ‘Best Supporting Actress’, a central role in the British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) production The Limelight as well as credits in several short films. I then studied for my PGCE (Secondary) Drama in teaching at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln and
currently teach performing arts at a secondary school in Lincolnshire, England.

Q: Where can fans find you and your music online?
Readers can head over to all social media and music platforms below:
Facebook @ChloeyOfficial
Instagram @chloeyrose
Twitter @chloeyofficial
YouTube @Chloey Rose
TikTok @chloeyrosemusic

All my music is available to stream and download on Spotify, amazon music, iTunes, Deezer and many more under Chloey Rose. Please feel free to contact me I always love to chat with my listeners and hear a different perspective about a song I’ve written. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

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