Meet This Author: August Hill

Q: How did you get started in writing thriller suspense novels? 
I’ve always loved the horror genre, and suspense goes hand in hand with horrors and thrillers. My first novel was a thriller, and it helped me learn what works and doesn’t work when telling a story. Ever since I was 12, I’ve known I wanted to create stories. It was at that same age I learned being scared is fun. So, it only felt natural to try to write stories that would scare me. Eventually, I no longer found I could be scared by a story, so I started to inject humor into them. I hope to maintain that balance moving forward. I like things to be as funny as they are scary.

Q: How would you describe your writing style using three words?
To the point.

Q: Tell us, readers, a little bit about your new release, Division X. 
It’s the story of a woman named Randi Matheson, 24, who survives a werewolf attack which leaves her family in pieces, literally. Come the next full moon, she discovers she’s now capable of destroying families, too. She’s abducted by Division X, a company devoted to the killing and capture of paranormal threats, where she’s given an ultimatum. Work for them as a new weapon in the fight against evil or be dissected. They promise to find her a cure to her lycanthropy if she helps them, and without a second thought, she agrees to work with them. The next thing she knows, she’s fighting for survival against vampires, demons, and redneck serial killers. 

Q: Who was the inspiration behind your main character, Randi Matheson?  The character Randi Wallace from the show She-Wolf of London. The inception of Division X came from my desire to write a fan fiction for that dumb show. I realized doing so would be a terrible waste of time, so I started to create my own story completely centering around the template of Randi from the show She-Wolf of London. In the end, the only similarities the two Randis have is their name and the fact that they’re each a werewolf, but that’s my main character’s origin.

Q: Do you outline or just dive straight into the story when writing it?
I outline everything. I make sure the ending is set in stone, the character beats are all plotted, and everything ties together with as little fluff as possible.

Q: What is your favorite beverage when working on a new project?
Dr. Pepper. I hate supporting the soda industry, but it tastes good and keeps me going.

Q: What themes will readers find in your new release, Division X? 
Family is the center of everything, but inner demons are the core. It’s about learning to manage one without destroying the other.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers in your genre? 
Write what you want to read. Ignore how “original” you need to make it feel. If you’re writing truly from a place of passion, your own mark will be left on the genre.

Q: How many projects are you currently working on that you can share with us, readers?
I’m writing just one, Division X 3, but I’ve already written the second and am drafting many more
books to come. I plan on getting to fantasy horror at some point.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online? 
My website or on amazon. They can find me at On Instagram at: r.augusthill, on Goodreads at and my book will be available on Amazon onOctober 20th. The pre-order is up.

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