Review: The Road to Christmas


Three generations of travelers embark on a Christmas road trip filled with humor and heart, set against the snowy mountains of Washington State.

Michelle and Max are not planning on a happy holiday. Their marriage is in shambles and the D word has entered their vocabulary. But now their youngest daughter, Julia, wants everyone to come to her new house in Idaho for Christmas, and she’s got the guest room all ready for Mom and Dad. Oh, joy.

Their other daughters, Audrey and Shyla, are driving up from California and hoping to meet a sexy rancher for Audrey along the way. What they don’t plan on is getting stranded on a ranch when the car breaks down.

The ones with the shortest drive are Grandma and Grandpa—also known as Hazel and Warren. It’s still a bit of a trek, and Hazel doesn’t like the idea of driving all that way in snow, but Warren knows they’ll have no problem. They have a reliable car—and snow tires and chains if they need them. They’ll be fine.

Surprises lie in store for all three sets of intrepid travelers as they set out on three very different adventures, all leading to one memorable family Christmas.

Rating: 5-stars


The Road to Christmas by Sheila Roberts is a perfect read to get into the Christmas vibe. I absolutely love this story. There is family, family drama, humor, romance, and surprises at every turn! Sheila Roberts definitely pours her heart and soul into her writing. I could not believe how much I was laughing, crying, and loving these characters. The family wants to come together for the holidays but as always things happen. This brilliant novel reminded me of some many of my favorite Christmas movies like Home Alone, Holiday in Handcuffs, and Christmas with the Kranks. Everyone makes it to Julia’s home, but their adventures on the way there were separate yet connected. I enjoy a heartwarming tale of love, forgiveness, and new beginnings. Family is so important especially during the holidays. There is nothing like spending Christmas together. Overall, Sheila Roberts still has the magic in creating a believable yet epic holiday journey. I recommend all fans of Hallmark channel to read this book.

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