Meet This Author: Courtney Cole

Q: What were some of your favorite books when you were a kid?

Oh boy.  I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday, but lemme think… I’ve always been drawn to books that make me FEEL.  When I was in grade school, I read Where the Red Fern Grows, and that ending gutted me. It was actually how I figured out that I could write. I was so upset, that I re-wrote the ending the way I wanted it to be.  Other books… hmm. I loved Charlotte’s Web, Where the Sidewalk Ends…. Oh!  and by the time I was in junior high, I was sneaking my grandma’s romance books.  There were wildly inappropriate, which of course made me love them all the more!

Q: When did you begin writing Home for Christmas

 I wrote Home for Christmas last year.  Publication schedules are usually a year or so out– and so I was in the thick of writing this Christmas book last summer.  I had my office decked out in a Christmas tree and lights, while it was 100 degrees in Georgia.  Hey, whatever works!

Q: How many novels have you published so far?

 Ummm. Good question.  My mom is my biggest fan, and she keeps a running tally. I think the last time she added them up, it was 25 or something. 

Q: Tell us, readers what your latest release, Home for Christmas is about.

It’s about a girl, Piper McCauley, who tumbles back in time to 1944 and becomes friends with her own grandma, falls in love with someone from that time, and then re-relearns what family is all about.  It’s a look at what we value, what we cherish, and how we interact with those we love the most. 

Q: Who are the main characters in your new release?

Piper McCauley is the main character, followed by Lane Hughes, her love interest from 1944.  There’s also the entire McCauley clan with all of their quirks and eccentricities, and even a pet reindeer named Nugget.  

Q: What themes will readers find in Home for Christmas?

 The importance of family– the bonds that tie us together, the values that make us who we are, and the knowledge that love is eternal.  Even after we move on from this life, love remains. 

Q: Describe your writing style using three words.

 Authentic, engaging (hopefully) and witty (I hope). 

Q: What was your inspiration for Home for Christmas?

 My grandma was such a huge inspiration to me.  One day, when i was thinking about how much I miss her, I started wondering what it would’ve been like If I’d been able to be friends with her- if we were the same age. From that, Home for Christmas was born. 

Q: For aspiring writers in your genre, what advice would you pass on to them?

 Write what you love, not what you think the market wants.  When you try to fit a square peg into a round hole, the reader always knows.  Write stories that speak to you.  Also, get your butt in that chair and write every day. Writing is a muscle that gets stronger with use. 

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online?

To learn more about me, please visit I’d love to hear from you!

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