Review: My Sister, My Self by Vikki Stark


‘My Sister, My Self’ provides you with powerful tools to come to terms with a challenging sister relationship, make sense of your need to depend on or control others, and recognize how your sister role influences your interactions with friends and colleagues.

Rating: 3.5-stars


My Sister, My Self by Vikki Stark is a self-help book meant to help others in the similar situation. I definitely do not have the closest relationship with any of my sisters. Not that I do not want to have one but that we see things differently. Yet, we are still there even if it feels like ages before they respond back. While I am not a huge fan of non-fiction reads, this was well-written. It is not for everyone. Not everyone’s sisters or sister relationships will fit this mold. Thus, I see this book only reaching out to a smaller audience than the writer suspected. I enjoyed reading the fresh intakes by Vikki Stark. There were some really good deep thoughtful insights provided in the book. However, this just was not what I was expecting.

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