Meet This Author: Glenda Benevides

Q: Which do you enjoy doing more: writing books, singing, or songwriting?

Singing is my first love and being able to share a heartfelt story that could possibly make the difference for someone in their life, is my path and purpose. Writing my book was an outgrowth of my years of performing, touring and just life. I wanted to be able to share stories of my challenges and how I moved them into triumphs. Having clarity, courage confidence and commitment is a key to a powerful flow of full self expression and empowerment. 

Q: What inspired you to create your latest single, Luluwhite

I was blending soulful blues and wanted to spotlight the south in storytelling and vibe. So, I jumped online started looking around for women who were an inspired influence in the south. I found Lulu White. What I read was so inspiring, that I had to spotlight her story. She was a real Badass Goddess being a woman of the late 1800’s it was powerful. Lulu not only was the riches women in New Orleans she had a thriving business positioning herself as an octoroon.  What’s an octoroon, I know you asking? It’s a term used for women who are one eight blacks. At the time this term was considered exotic and was highly valued and desirable in her brothel.

Q: What is the theme of your latest single?

The theme is to celebrate and honor all women who over come adversity, becoming fully self expressed and who learn to thrive not just survive. I honestly think the message is for everyone who truly wants a life that is aligned with your purpose no matter what that purpose is. 

Q: How would you describe your writing style?

Down to earth, from the heart, straight forward and honest. 

Q: What was the journey like for you as you were writing, editing, and singing your songs?

Hahaha, journey! a long one and it continues! Actually, it’s my honor and service to sing, tell stories and share my experiences to whomever wants to listen. My journey and purpose is to inspire and empower people to step up and step out for themselves. I feel that we all have amazing lives and if we choose to share it, it can truly help someone who may be struggling. This is what I believe and sharing my heart, ideas, insights and stories do help humanity my life is enlivened. I personally love to create and transform and if I don’t share what I’ve learned, it’s harder to grow and let our hidden gems shine. I believe we all have so much insight and wisdom to share. What are do you want to share? 

Q: Did you have any difficulties in creating your latest single?

I guess there are struggles with most things in life, but my attitude is such that if I love what I do so much, then the challenges are a means to an end. I know that there’s always an opportunity to learn and understand myself in every situation. Sometimes when I come up against people who are frustrating or have what I might consider ill intent. I step back to remember my intentions, goals and mission and decide if it’s worth my time to address it, or if the situation is something that I need to own. It’s always a choice and sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not, and I just need to walk away. The latest single I didn’t look at it as having any difficulties but small challenges in meeting a deadline because there are so many moving parts to negotiate. Team, communication and understanding is key but also is, Perspective. It’s always a perspective and how I’m choosing to deal with it.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring singers?

I would say, start with clarity and asking WHY. Why do you want to sing? What are you will to do to become excellent at your craft? How are you unique? What do you want to say to whom ever is listening? So much more but I would start with that key internal  questioning. Also, take voice lessons and understand the business you are getting into. This business is not for the faint of heart. It’s a business that sells art and souls. 

Q: Where can readers find you and your music? 

NOTE: If you buy a Lulu White single, Goddess Ep and or buy my book Courage, Find the Fire and Ignite Action In Your Life, I will plant a tree for you with ONE TREE PLANTED. 



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