Review: Concrete Evidence by DiAnn Mills


On the family’s Brazos River Ranch in Texas, Avery Elliott helps run her grandfather’s commercial construction business. Raised by Senator Elliott, Avery has never doubted her grandfather is the man of integrity and faith she’s always believed him to be . . . until the day she finds him standing with a gun over the body of a dead man. To make matters worse, Avery’s just discovered a billing discrepancy for materials supposedly purchased for construction of the Lago de Cobre Dam.

Desperate for answers, Avery contacts FBI Special Agent Marc Wilkins for help. As Marc works to identify the dead man Avery saw, threats toward Avery create a fresh sense of urgency to pinpoint why someone wants to silence her. With a hurricane approaching the Texas coast and the structural integrity of the Lago de Cobre Dam called into question, time is running out to get to the bottom of a sinister plot that could be endangering the lives of not only Avery and her loved ones but the entire community. 

Rating: 5-stars


Concrete Evidence by Diann Mills is a perfect romantic suspense thriller. There is the innocent heroine who witnessed a crime. She reports what she saw just in time. Because bad things are happening, and someone wants her gone. I love the mystery Diann Mills has created. It was one that kept me on edge. I was not sure what to expect. Yet somehow everything explodes, and it is not long before both hero and heroine are together. This was an action-packed read. Never a dull moment. Avery is smart and strong enough to survive what comes her way. Danger, mayhem, and romance all in one thrilling adventure. Overall, Diann Mills wrote well and created a fantastic world of fiction. I have added her to my favorites list with Irene Hannon, Elizabeth Goddard, and Sandra Brown.

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