Review: My First Last Year


In response to a spiritual dream, Roger Leslie lived a year as if it were his last. New inspirations set his course for success, while heartbreaking loss gave him a palpable glimpse of eternity. Leslie shares his journey here as a guide for anyone seeking deeper meaning, richer love, and greater joy in life.

Rating: 3.5-stars


My First Last Year by Roger Leslie is not the typical nonfiction book we all read. I thought this was a self-help book or something like that. No. Inside, is the writer’s personal life story. His story is told so that others can have hope or inspiration. Yet, I did not feel this book was set for just anyone. It was written for a small group of people in mind. It’s focused on a particular yet sensitive topic that does not suit for everyone. This is a bit disappointing.

I did like that it was a positive outlook on how he reclaimed living his life despite the fallbacks and horrifying news. I never would want my enemies to face what he did. Yet, this just was not for me. The writing is well done. I will give it 5-stars on the written words. The content subjects were not my thing. It goes against everything I value. Therefore, I could not really get into the heart of this book. Some books hook you and others do not. This one is just not for me. But it is great for those who suffered from the same issues. The message I will forever remember is to not waste my time on earth as though I have forever to find my dream life. Live life to the fullest and as if were indeed the last.

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