Review: The Backside of Hades


This here place? Worse than the backside of Hades.”
~ Hank Varney

First let me say, this here trip to Slagton weren’t my idea. This place is chock full of bad company done helped itself to a double dose of bad medicine.

Slagton needs cleanin’, accordin’ to Miss Clem, and I know the crew to do it. I’m one of ’em. Hank Varney’s the name. Miss Clem and me, along with the two Sidewinders from Santa Fe—we’ll get the sharp-toothed vermin cleared out.

Now, some people say I’m lucky, but I don’t know if’n it’ll do me any good, what with the army of trouble me an’ the crew are facin’. If’n we don’t live through it, well, there goes Deadwood. Maybe even the whole of the Black Hills.

We’ll all be down the privy hole then, lookin’ up at the Backside of Hades.

Rating: 5-stars


The Backside of Hades by both Ann Charles and Sam Lucky is one of those books that grabs my undivided attention and holds it. It has the true wild western vibe along with the paranormal. As with every other book in the series, this one contains a lot of humor, action, and a thrilling adventure. The book gives an unpredictable ride. Meaning anything can happen and predicting what is next is impossible. Then, there is the set of amazing characters. They are well-developed and make me feel as if I’ve known them forever. I love any book that keeps me entertained. This is definitely for those who love comedy, paranormal, and westerns. This brings the Western way of life, to full life. But with unique twists and turns, The Backside of Hades is phenomenal.

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