Review: The Prisoners of Stewartville


Everyone knew about Stewartville’s dark history. The mining war that led to the prisons. The prisons that brought the corruption. The drugs and the crime. It was no secret that something was wrong with the place. What we didn’t know was why. Then Denny and I found that tunnel in his basement. And what we learned—what everyone learned—is that there’s no escaping the ghosts of your past. But let me start at the beginning…

Rating: 4.5-stars


The Prisoners of Stewartville by Shannon Felton is the new Sandra Brown and Heather Graham. Her writing style is similar to those favorite writers of mine. I found her words easy to get lost within as the continued. I found myself feeling the dark edgy cloud hang over me. The emotional rollercoaster ride of fear mixed with intrigue was stunning. The realities of what is written hit really hard with me. As that most of the stuff has happened in reality. This journey was a haunting reminder of what once was and what is now happening. Creepy and heartbreaking this story was well-written. I look forward to reading more by this talented debut novelist. The scenery and imaging are so vivid it’s insane! I felt instantly transported from my chair to the sad town of Stewartville. The horror found in the beginning only grows worse as the pages are turned. This is wonderful if one is into dark horror novels. Overall, I highly recommend this book to all readers.

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