Review: A Sweet Lowcounty Proposal


It was supposed to be the happiest day of Jaslene Simmons’ life, the day she’d say “I do” to Marcus Clark. But when her sister dies in a tragic accident everything changes—including her once rosy future with Marcus. Jaslene instead pours all of her energy into caring for her now-motherless niece and running the wedding planning company she and her sister had built, wanting to honor her sister’s dream even if she has to sacrifice her own.

As an archivist at Charleston’s Black history museum, Marcus shines a light on the stories of forgotten people. Researching history is better than dealing with his own heartache—and the guilt he has over the role he may have inadvertently played in the death of Jaslene’s sister.

Jaslene never thought she’d cross paths with Marcus again, but her need for an affordable office space brings her to the museum which is faced with the threat of closure. As they work together to save it, their buried feelings slowly reignite. They soon realize there is still room in their hearts for love…if only they can overcome their past.

Rating: 4-stars


A Sweet Lowcountry Proposal is the second installment to a wonderful series. This book like the first one contains amazing characters. Each has their own dilemmas. I love it when a character has such enormous hurdles to overcome. It makes the tale more interesting. That also proves how worthy of a strong heroine Jaslene is. She has so much on her plate. Yet, despite all the odds finds herself coming back to where she started. The start that included one man. A man she is going to marry or might. I love the themes of family, loss, faith, and second chances. This novel is heartfelt, heartbreaking, and engaging. Jaslene feels so real. It is crazy how Preslaysa Williams makes her characters so life like. If you love Hallmark and want a book that features diversity, this is it. I highly recommend this novel to all fans.

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