Review: Looking for Leroy


It’s official: Brynna Phillips is done with men. They only break your heart. But just when she makes this declaration, her friend Jan convinces Brynna to join her on a camping vacation in Sonoma Wine Country. As they wind their way toward their destination, spanking-new mini camper in tow, Brynna recalls her teenage camp romance with a boy named Leroy. How can it have been nearly 30 years ago? All she remembers is that Leroy was a genuinely good guy and that his family owned a vineyard–in Sonoma. She doesn’t even remember his last name. Jan insists they look for him, and the search begins.

Beyond the slim chance they’d ever be able to find him are questions that have haunted Brynna for decades, including What is the point of digging up the past? and Can Leroy ever forgive me for losing touch?

Bestselling author Melody Carlson invites you on a trip to rediscover the carefree days of youth and, just maybe, to get a second chance at love.

Rating: 5-stars


Looking for Leroy by Melody Carlson is one of those adventures into the past where the heroine swears, she will find what she wants. Bryanna has had bad luck in the romance department. Being pulled into a journey with her friend, she remembers someone. A special someone who was great and shared the mutual feeling. Bryanna feels that since they are headed in the right direction, she might as well find her former love. There she plans to see what the future holds. However, the past is never easy. Grudges, drama, and pain are re-opened. I love the whole positive outlook despite the heartbreaking memories. Hope really does exist. Melody Carlson paints a vivid yet beautiful tale of finding old love and of forgiveness. These characters made me want to invest heavily into their lives. I never wanted to leave this Sonoma Wine Country escape. Overall, I recommend this unforgettable story to all readers.

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