Review: Mornings at River’s End Ranch


There’s no place like Last Ride for big hearts—and even bigger surprises.

Back when Wyatt Buchanan and Nola Parkman were high school sweethearts, an unplanned pregnancy pulled them apart. Seventeen years later, the haunting decision to place the baby for adoption finds them unlucky in love, yet still drawn to each other like moths to a flame. But with so much heartbreak and history between them, a relationship’s not in the cards. Especially when Nola wants a family and Wyatt makes it clear that his sole focus is River’s End Ranch.

But late-night conversations stir up long-forgotten memories and they find comfort in each other’s arms. For Nola, being with Wyatt gives her hope that they might be able to share the future they once believed would be theirs. Then their now-teenage daughter arrives in Last Ride, seeking answers about her past. Although Wyatt’s a confirmed bachelor, seeing Nola with their daughter makes him realize that giving up on his newfound family terrifies him more than being alone. Can the connection he and Nola have just rediscovered offer him a second chance with the woman he’s never forgotten—and help mend his still-healing heart?

Rating: 5-stars


Mornings at River’s End Ranch by Delores Fossen is a breathtaking novel. The characters pull and tug at my heartstrings. I love how the story reflected the young in love issues and how they have matured since then. Then, just as they are dealing with different viewpoints on life, an unexpected visit happens. The child they were too young to take care of finds them. Talk about perfect timing. This complicated emotional ride is exactly what Wyatt and Nola need. As always, the story has heart and soul. The depth to the characters is felt on every page. The war of emotions each one is facing is done well. Delores Fossen writes so well. I felt like I was inside the characters’ minds. Their banters and actions only bring me closer to loving them all that much more. Family, forgiveness, and second chances are the main themes in this novel. It is more than just a young in love couple rediscovering their love. It is about finding what they have and how precious it is to keep. Love is sacrifice, love is forgiveness, and love is that unshakable happy feeling.

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