Review: The Secret Santa Project


A gift he wasn’t expecting…

A special Christmas wish

Working with his best friend’s sister isn’t how Cricket Blackburn had planned to spend his holidays. He’d tried to forget about sweet, beautiful Hazel James for ten whole years and now she’s back, closer to him than ever. They have a Christmas charity to run–certainly that will keep Cricket’s mind off what might have been. Perhaps if he tells Santa his secrets, his ultimate wish might come true.

From Harlequin Heartwarming: Wholesome stories of love, compassion and belonging.

Rating: 5-stars


The Secret Santa Project by Carol Ross is an addictive read. I love the tensions from both the hero and the heroine. The problem is they both like each other with the same intensity. However, somehow, Cricket made his woman crush think she does not matter to him in the romantic sense. That is the problem. He is also best friends with her brother since elementary school. Cricket goes crazy every time he is near Hazel. Hazel goes gooey whenever she sees him. She feels weak for liking a man who hates her so much. This causes the greatest moments ever. The characters were lovable. I want to lock them up until they confess their feelings. Yet, I knew they would eventually explode soon if they did not settle the situation. Sparks, fun banters, and a man who will do anything for the woman he loves is an irresistible read. It is easy to read this novel. Family and friendships also add to the charm of this Christmas novel. Carol Ross brought enough heat, spice, humor, and romance to the table. I love everything about this book. Looking for a heartfelt and engaging read, then this is my recommendation! The Secret Santa Project will always be my favorite. I cannot wait to read more by the talented Carol Ross.

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