Review: 1 Last Betrayal


A complicated history. A deadly future. Can one woman survive another deep dive into the rotten underbelly of crime?

Angeline Porter craves a return to normalcy. But when the former criminal defense attorney receives an alarming text, she races in desperation to Florida only to find a ransacked apartment, a dog that’s poisoned but alive, and a missing half-sister. Determined to rescue her sibling, she follows a trail of shockingly incriminating clues and plunges into a life-or-death fight with the Boston mob.

Taking advantage of old ties with a charming FBI agent and trying to outsmart a violent syndicate boss with powerful federal connections, Angeline and dubious allies begin tracking down the kidnappers… until she uncovers a supposed protector’s crafty deception. And while a nefarious rogue agent, a long-lost relative, and a possibly corrupt cop close in, the gutsy woman makes the risky decision to go it alone.

Is her headlong race to save her sister about to zip her into a body bag?

1 Last Betrayal is the suspense-laden third book in the Angeline Porter Trilogy of femmes-noir thrillers. If you like bold heroines, riveting twists, and balancing on the knife’s edge, then you’ll love Valerie J. Brooks’ gritty descent into the underworld.

Rating: 5-stars


1 Last Betrayal by Valerie J. Brooks is a book that I recommend to all fans of Sandra Brown, Heather Graham, and Delores Fossen. Valerie Brooks writes with superb quality. The danger, suspense, and deadly situation always hook me. I love a good strong character especially, Angeline Porter. She is the lead female character and she’s a strong force. The setting and scenes immediately take me into a world with intense pressure and danger everywhere. Valerie Brooks keeps me guessing with each page. I enjoy not knowing what to expect. Dark, edgy, and engaging– 1 Last Betrayal is a must read for all fans of thrillers and crime fiction.

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