Review: Chaos at Carnegie Hall

Can Fiona catch a killer and find a decent cup of tea before her mustache wax melts?

1917. New York.

Notorious spy, Fredrick Fredricks, has invited Fiona to Carnegie Hall to hear a famous soprano. It’s an opportunity the War Office can’t turn down. Fiona and Clifford are soon on their way, but not before Fiona is saddled with chaperon duties for Captain Hall’s niece. Is Fiona a spy or a glorified babysitter?

From the minute Fiona meets the soprano aboard the RMS Adriatic it’s treble on the high C’s. Fiona sees something—or someone—thrown overboard, and then she overhears a chemist plotting in German with one of her own countrymen!

And the trouble doesn’t stop when they disembark. Soon Fiona is doing time with a group of suffragettes and investigating America’s most impressive inventor Thomas Edison.

When her number one suspect turns up dead at the opera and Fredrick Fredricks is caught red-handed, it looks like it’s finally curtains for the notorious spy.

But all the evidence points to his innocence. Will Fiona change her tune and clear her nemesis’ name? Or will she do her duty? And just what is she going to do with the pesky Kitty Lane? Not to mention swoon-worthy Archie Somersby . . .

If Fiona’s going to come out on top, she’s going to have to make the most difficult decision of her life: the choice between her head and her heart. 

Rating: 5-stars


Chaos at Carnegie Hall by Kelly Oliver is a fun and interesting historical novel. It is also a hilarious women’s fiction novel. The themes clearly show women stepping into roles otherwise predominately known for men only. Fiona is the older woman yet her young charge, Eliza, has her keeping all eyes open. I love how the older woman both admires and laughs off how wicked the young lady is. Most would be put off by the fact a younger one could pull off something on them. Yet Fiona and Eliza develop a great partnership dipped in respect. Fiona reminds me so much of the great female detective, Miss Fisher. Miss Fisher also had a young lady companion. Humor, action, and intrigue set the stage for this novel. I found myself thoroughly entertained. I cannot wait to read the next exciting mystery with this pair. Overall, Kelly Oliver writes well. Her characters pop off the pages.

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