Meet This Author: K.L. Murphy

Q: When did you begin writing Her Sister’s Death?
I first began writing the book in the second half of 2019. After a few drafts (and Covid time), I began the search for a publisher and was thrilled when CamCat chose it in late 2021. I’m very excited to see Her Sister’s Death out in the world now!

Q: What led you to writing mysteries?
I’ve always loved mysteries and suspense. My favorite book is Rebecca and oozes suspense with creepy and suspicious characters and settings. When I jumped back into writing, I instinctively began with what I loved best. In truth, I never really considered writing anything

Q: Who are the main protagonists in Her Sister’s Death?
The lead protagonists are Val, a reporter who is suffering the recent loss of her sister; Terry, a retired homicide detective; and Bridget, a young bride-to-be who is questioning her choice of groom. In a non-traditional sense, the hotel itself is a main character with a vibrant history and closely held secrets.

Q: How would you describe your writing style in three words?
Edgy (I like to walk the line of darker suspense at times), thought-provoking (because life and answers aren’t always obvious or clearcut), and bitesized (I love short to medium length chapters that leave the reader hanging).

Q: What other projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on two major projects. The first is a new series featuring a young female detective in a smallish town and the other is a historical suspense based loosely around a true event. Both are projects I’m very excited about.

Q: What themes will readers find in your new release?
There are themes of loss and grief which are difficult as well as abuse and suicide, however, I think there are also themes of hope, love, and redemption.

Q: Where can readers find you and your novel online?
For the book–everywhere. Her Sister’s Death can be found at every major bookseller from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more as well as through my publisher, CamCat. I love hearing from readers and can be found online at any of these sites or through email.

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