Review: Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss


Young Gareth Greyfin must find a way to save his father Samuel after he is bitten by a one-eyed snake. With little time before the venom will reach his father’s heart, Gareth follows his father’s instructions to bring him to a cabin in the swamps outside of Savannah, Georgia — the home of a witch with a fearsome reputation.

The witch sends the fearful young man on a quest for five ingredients for the potion that offers the elder Greyfin’s only hope. Accompanied by the witch’s raven as a guide, Gareth’s desperate journey leads to encounters with a cast of characters that defy imagination. The duo is joined by an old banjo player, and they learn that heroes come in unexpected forms.

Along the way, Gareth learns a family secret and a deception threatens to destroy his budding friendship with the Raven and possibly the life of his father. Will his bargain with Evangeline pay off or will Gareth be the one to pay the price?

Rating: 5-stars


Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss by both Connor and Kevin Garrett is a phenomenal read. It reminded me so much of The Odessey. IN which the hero had to undergo so many journeys and survive just to get to the desired outcome. The story is dipped deeply into one mystery after the other. I find it so engaging. Gareth is a great character whose journey depicts so many themes, but he also grows as the plot continues. Lessons are learned. Secrets are discovered. Connor and Kevin Garrett write so well, I was lost within the book immediately. Their world of fiction is so compelling. It pops off the pages. Action, adventure, and drama all in one fantastic book!

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