Review: So This Is Christmas


USA Today bestselling author Jenny Holiday concludes her beloved royal Christmas series with an unforgettable romance about a confident American woman and the strait-laced royal advisor who falls hopelessly in love with her.

Matteo Benz has spent his life serving at the pleasure of the Eldovian crown. His work is his life and his life, well…he doesn’t have much of one. When he is tasked to aid a management consultant who has been flown in to help straighten out the king’s affairs, he is instantly disturbed by her brash American manner—as well by an inconvenient attraction to the brainy beauty.

Cara Delaney is in Eldovia to help clean up the king’s financial affairs, but soon finds herself at odds with the very proper Mr. Benz. As intrigued by his good looks as she is annoyed by his dedication to tradition for its own sake, she slowly begins to see the real man behind the royal throne.

As they work together to return Eldovia to its former glory during the country’s magical Christmas season, Matteo discovers he is falling hopelessly in love with the unconventional American. But a man who has devoted his life to tradition doesn’t change easily. Can he become the man Cara needs, or will their love be another sacrifice to the crown.

Rating: 5-stars


So This is Christmas by Jenny Holiday is one of the best Christmas novels I have read. It is clean, romantic, sweet, and heartfelt. I felt the romance bubbling between the hero and heroine. Both were annoyed with each other, but they had a job to do. Forced to work with each other for a period of time, these enemies turn into friends then to lovers. I love the eye rolling and tensions. The witty dialogue between Cara and Matteo made me laugh so hard. I fell instantly love with them both. He was her perfect match, and she was his. They just avoided acknowledging for as long as possible. The novel had the whole royalty thing down to a perfection. Matteo was not a prince nor the king. But his job was just as important. So, was Cara. Cara is the foreigner that comes to save the royal kingdom from disaster. I also enjoyed how these two workaholics learned to live a little as they spent time working on the issues at hand. So many wonderful themes and an engaging journey. For fans of The Princess Diaries, you must read this book! It has heart and humor all throughout the novel. Overall, I highly recommend it to all romance fans.

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