Review: Voices in the Snow


Clare remembers the cold. She remembers abandoned cars and children’s toys littered across the road. She remembers dark shapes in the snow and a terror she can’t explain. And then…nothing.

When she wakes, aching and afraid in a stranger’s gothic home, he tells her she was in an accident. He claims he saved her. Clare wants to leave, but a vicious snowstorm has blanketed the world in white, trapping them together, and there’s nothing she can do but wait.

At least the stranger seems kind…but Clare doesn’t know if she can trust him. He promised they were alone here, but she sees and hears things that convince her something else is creeping about the surrounding woods, watching. Waiting. Between the claustrophobic storm and the inescapable sense of being hunted, Clare is on edge…and increasingly certain of one thing:

Her car crash wasn’t an accident. Something is waiting for her to step outside the fragile safety of the house… something monstrous, something unfeeling.

Something desperately hungry.

Rating: 5-stars


Voices in the Snow by Darcy Coates is a phenomenal thriller suspense. It keeps me on the edge every time. Just when I think I know what will happen next, another loop is thrown at me. The main protagonist, Clare, is superb. She does not believe her car accident was an accident at all. Her fate changes the moment she is in Dorran’s home. Dorran is her hero that makes her feel safe and protected. As long as she is with Dorran, nothing else matter. Yet, some of the bodies have disappeared…and now, I am dying to know what will happen next. Carcy Coates book is suspenseful and intriguing while not being as frightening as a Stephen King novel. I love that I can get hooked into the characters’ lives and want the best for them. If you want an eerie adventure that keeps you guessing with a blossoming romance included, then this is a must read for you!

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