Review: How to Win a Wallflower


A wallflower will put everything on the line . . .

When John Barnesworth inherits unexpectedly, he abandons his solitude and returns to London to settle his brother’s affairs, only to discover his estates are crumbling and he is now betrothed to his brother’s unpleasant fiancée. Her dowry might save him from ruin, but at what cost? His only hope lies with the vivacious, charming Lady Charlotte Stirling, whose audacious solution to John’s troubles might actually work. If only he can keep his feelings for her out of the equation . . .

Lady Charlotte Stirling knows she can’t fall for John. He’s her brother’s best friend, he’s engaged to her mortal enemy, and he wants to return to America. Not to mention he’d never survive in her bustling social life. She can, however, try to solve his money problem. But the closer she gets to ensuring his freedom, the harder it is to let him go . . . 

Rating: 4-stars


How to Win a Wallflower by Samara Parish is a great historical read. It definitely captures the era perfectly. I felt as though I traveled through time. The characters were engaging. I loved their banters. John is already not wanting to stay longer than necessary. He wants to head back to America. He has to settle his brother’s debts first. However, there’s the one beauty whom he has never forgotten. I was not sure who was the wallflower more, John or Lady Charlotte. The story was funny, entertaining, felt a tiny bit stretched out in terms of what John had to do and why. But otherwise, it is another fabulous romance read. A bit of heat and a bit of adventure.

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