Review: Home of the Heart


A heartwarming novel of complicated families, new neighbors, and fresh hope from a New York Times bestselling author who writes “Southern comfort in a book.” —Sheila Roberts 
Allie Logan has her hands full with a bad breakup, a struggling renovation business, a sister who won’t stop flaunting her engagement ring, and a grandmother who keeps wandering off at the most inopportune times. In fact, Granny Irene’s latest habit is sneaking out to the ranch next door, where’s she’s convinced a lost love awaits. But when Allie goes to collect her, she finds instead a new neighbor—six‑foot‑plus of tall, dark, and charming.

Blake Dawson is one more thing Allie can’t deal with right now. But since he’s hired her to help repair his rundown ranch, they’re suddenly spending an awful lot of time together. And as family secrets—past and present—start to come to light, Allie finds that opening her heart might just be the fresh start her life needs.
Includes the bonus novella Buttercup Farms, part of the Sunflower Ranch seriesnever before published!

Rating: 5-stars


Home of the Heart by Carolyn Brown is a hilarious contemporary romance/women’s fiction novel. Inside, I am quickly introduced to the funny yet charming cast of characters. These characters include:

Granny Irene who mistakes the new hot cowboy neighbor for someone else.

Blake-the hot cowboy renovating his ranch and wants to get to know Allie more.

Allie who tries really hard to ignore the hot man next door to her.

But her Granny and other family make it really hard to ignore the man. Especially, when he needs help renovating his place. The more time spent with the charming player, they more Allie would not mind if he seduced her. That both irritates and scares the hell out of her. Her past relationships were not good. She does not want another broken heart. Blake cannot help but find the fuming young Allie a huge distraction. He knows she is not his type, yet he gets mad if his friends want to hit her up. I absolutely loved this novel. Carolyn Brown has a way with words. They pop to life the moment I read them. Funny, charming, and sexy this is the read for all romance fans. I was laughing and rooting for the characters. Plus, the theme of family was huge. I enjoyed that element.

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