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As the ex-mayor’s daughter, Jenna Landon has spent her life aiming for perfection—and missing. The pressure and disappointment turned her into a bit of a mean girl, but now she’s tired of protecting her soft heart, of hiding her losses—she’s ready to leave Rose Bend and start over. But before she can leave, she has to endure the town’s carnival fundraiser, her father’s reelection campaign…and the pain-in-the-tail giant who just moved in next door.

Wrestling coach Isaac Hunter didn’t mean to disturb his neighbor with his music while fixing his car. But if anyone could use “messing with,” it’s prissy, perfect, sexy Jenna Landon. Soon their clashes turn into something hotter. Recently divorced, his focus should be rebuilding his life, not an… entanglement with a woman who spells nothing but trouble. Because Jenna is leaving Rose Bend. And they both know he can’t go with her, and he can’t ask her to stay…

Bonus novella, Trouble for Hire!

Tattoo artist Erik Mann never should’ve agreed to hire his best friend’s sister. Against the odds, he’s built a successful business in Rose Bend and has everything exactly as he likes it. The last thing he needs is her sweeping in, changing things. He doesn’t know whether to throw her out…or kiss her. Not that either is an option. Her brother made it clear that she’s strictly off-limits.

Rating: 5-stars


Mr. Right Next Door by Naima Simone is a perfect contemporary romance full of full belly laughs. The banters and dialogue between the hero and the heroine alone make this book outstanding. Then, add in the comments from the hero’s niece with superb hearing and then form his sister and mom. Half romantic comedy and half contemporary this novel is extremely fun. The characters have their own issues and then coming to terms with one another is just meant to be. I find myself entertained throughout this book. The hero is so manly that when a simple thing reminds him of his loss, the grief consumes him. It is heartbreaking at moments like that. I loved how the “stuck up” heroine was bothered and puzzled by what caused “The Monster” to run out so fast. She does not have a cold heart after all. It is super difficult to not fall in love with all these quirky characters. They have attitudes and personalities that just come to life. Overall, I highly recommend reading this latest novel by Naima Simone and her other books too! She writes so well!

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