Review: Saving the Selkie’s Heart


A selkie warrior, a newly transfigured selkie princess…what happens to love when loyalties clash?

Ceannas, a selkie warrior, must protect his clan during the Migration, a rite of passage that occurs every 50 years. When he discovers a runaway selkie, the daughter of his Prince, he must figure out a way to divide his duties, especially when keeping her alive demands all his attention.

Lyall wants desperately to find out where she belongs. When the opportunity comes to visit the Great Elder and save her father’s damaged sealskin, she sneaks away to join the clan in their migration. The only problem? Being born a human, she hasn’t the first clue how to survive on her own as a selkie!

The last thing Ceannas needs is babysitting duties, and Lyall only has eyes on her mission. But as Ceannas teaches Lyall how to exist in her new element, the attraction growing between them grows stronger. Can their love withstand their honor-bound duties? And what will it cost each of them to do so?

Saving the Selkie’s Heart is a sexy guardian/ward paranormal romance and the second book in The Selkie Seas series by Ella Rose. Get lost in love today!

Rating: 5-stars


Saving the Selkie’s Heart by Ella Rose is the most engaging paranormal romance novel I have read. It reminds me of an old movie I once watched as a kid. I remember a woman turning into a seal. This paranormal/fantasy/mythological subject was great. It is brought to life in this book. I follow a young woman coming from a line of selkies. Yet, she cannot turn into a seal. Then, she relies on the hero who of course gives her so much hell…but still he helps her. Something about this pair just hooked me in deep. Their banters and their attraction just made it more magical. The plot has enough of a rollercoaster ride to keep me entertained. I became deeply invested in these characters’ lives. Ella Rose is superb at building a fictional world and making it so realistic. I did not read the first novel in this series. Despite that, I was able to follow everything.

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