Review: The Cowboy Says Yes


Welcome to Rustlers Creek, where you’ll meet the cowboys whose hearts are as big as the Montana sky and the women who can’t help but fall in love with them.

Hadley Wayne is known all over America as The Cowgirl Gourmet. A beloved star on The Cooking Network, the success of her show has turned her sleepy Montana ranching community into a Hollywood backlot and everyone knows all about her perfect life with her perfect rancher husband—but it’s not real.

Zack Wayne has never felt further apart from his wife, even while they play up an ideal marriage for the cameras. They’re living separate lives in separate bedrooms. The love he has for Hadley is still there, underneath mountains of resentment, but he doesn’t know if their marriage can last for much longer. He can’t keep up with the façade anymore, for the cameras or Hadley.

When their work forces them to take a break from the constant schedule of the set, they begin to rediscover who they are and why they fell in love all those years ago. If they can mend the hurts that brought them here, will they still want to say goodbye to their life together? Or will the cowboy discover he can only say yes to their future?

Rating: 5-stars


The Cowboy Says Yes by Addison Fox is a heartbreaking yet charming tale. This contemporary romance shows us readers the hard and saddest parts to a marriage. Some of those included having a baby when you did not plan to, having a miscarriage, and having one’s life turned into a circus all because one’s wife is extremely successful. Then, there are the rumors that the husband hears that tug on his mind. It feels like he never has his wife to himself. They still have the sparks and romance simmering between them, yet her publicity schedule never allows them much time together. Commitment and communication issues are very real in this book. I loved how the writer portrayed them so well. This is not like a typical western cowboy romance where there is the instant heat and then all hell breaks loose. In this particular novel, it happens in reverse. Overall, I loved the drama, intense atmosphere, and the charming banters between husband and wife.

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