Review: The Tattoo Murder


“The Tattoo Murder” is the story of a U-S Army combat veteran who became a police officer back in his home town after he’d seen enough injustice in the world.

A different kind of cop, Det. John Potenza travels to the tune of his own drum, the waves which he loves to surf, the women who occupy his life and the music which drives him. All this is secondary to getting it right when it comes to justice. An Italian-American who knows his way around the kitchen, the fit and trim with comic book hero good looks catches the eye of almost every woman he meets. If he were British he’d probably be in “her Majesty’s Secret Service” with a Double-O in his name.

Many of the characters in the book are derived from Bob Brill’s own past and acquaintances and friends and while the book is a work of fiction, the people are real – well sort of.

Rating: 5-stars


The Tattoo Murder by Bob Brill is a great crime fiction novel. It features a hero who is a bit of an old soul. He reminds me a bit of the other detectives who played in The Mentalist and from Endeavor. Detective John Potenza reminded me a lot of James Bond in how he always had a willing woman and his way with solving crimes. The man might be a player when it came to women, but his had his duty-his job. He takes his career seriously as his need for surfing. Detective Potenza is well-rounded for a character. I liked him. Also, what makes this novel so unique is the way the writer tells the reader where every chapter starts off at and when it happens. It holds a movie script effect. Bob Brill’s writing is different but engaging. I was instantly swept into the plot and quirky characters. The mystery of the crime committed holds me over the edge until all the pieces add up and are exposed.

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