Review: Sisters of the Resistance


Set in the thick of the Paris Resistance movement during WWII, this exciting novel tells of the deep involvement of Catherine Dior and two young women who risked their lives to support her efforts—perfect for fans of Kate Quinn and Jennifer Chiaverini.

France, 1944: The Nazis still occupy Paris, and twenty-five-year-old Gabby Foucher hates these enemies, though, as the concierge of ten rue Royale, she makes it a point to avoid trouble, unlike her sister Yvette. Until she, like her sister, is recruited into the Resistance by Catherine Dior—sister of the fashion designer, Christian Dior.

Gabby and Yvette are both swept into the world of spies, fugitives, and Resistance workers, and it doesn’t take long for the sisters to realize that their lives are in danger.

Gabby discovers an elderly tenant is hiding a wounded British fugitive, and Yvette becomes a messenger for the Resistance. But as Gabby begins to fall in love with her patient and Yvette’s impulsiveness lead her into intrigue at an ever-higher level, both women will discover that their hearts and even their souls hang in the balance as well.

This page-turning novel is perfect for any reader fascinated by the role of women during World War II, whose stories are often untold, and introduces us to Catherine Dior, the fearless real-life Resistance hero. 

Rating: 5-stars


Sisters of the Resistance by Christine Wells is a spell binding read. I loved the strong female characters who are just as brave as they are smart. Yvette was my favorite character from this novel. She becomes hardened from the war and is still thirsting to capture the obnoxious Rafael. But she still has a long way to go in the espionage world. I also enjoyed Catherine Dior. So much mystery and intrigue surrounding her time with the resistance. Christine Wells brilliantly brings her life to fruition in this splendid version of historical events. This story is perfect for reading during women in history month. I cannot think of a better novel to read than this one.

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