Meet This Poet: Debbie Quigley

Q: When did you get started in writing poetry?

I started writing poetry when at the cottage on my off time. I worked in an infirmary taking care of the elderly.

Q: What inspired you to publish your poetry collection, Wounded Hearts Take A Chance?

It has been a very difficult few years for everyone around the world with the pandemic. We all have had our hearts broken or know someone that is shying away from loving again. It’s a feel-good book makes you remember the feeling of falling in love or giving hope to someone the possibility of loving again.

Q: How is poetry so alluring? 

Poetry for me is my legacy it is a natural fit for me. It’s story telling for me each poem taking reader on a poetic path of a story. Each story filled with emotion to inspire learn from or picture in your mine.

Q: What are your top three favorite poems from the Wounded Hearts Take A Chance?

  1. Walk In The Woods
  2. Being Alone
  3. First Glance Date

Q: For aspiring poets, what advice would you give them? Can anyone be a poet?

If it is your passion, keep writing. Write from your heart that is where the finest poems come from.

I don’t think anyone can be a poet…I could be wrong.

Q: What themes are found inside of Wounded Hearts Take A Chance?

Wounded Hearts themes romance, love, nature, simplicity most of happiness and hope.

About Debbie Quigley

I was born in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. I am the author of Wind Whispers A Poetry Anthology and very proud of my latest book release Wounded Hearts Take A Chance. I currently reside in a small hamlet where I love to garden growing vegetables of all varieties and flowers of all sizes. My home is a peaceful serene piece of paradise having wildlife wonder into my yard on a daily basis.

I love when the white-tailed deer wonder through with their small fawns. Campfires and beautiful starry nights help give me inspiration. My writings are all a piece of my heart always filled with love, lessons and hope. My whispering art form of writing is simple and real each poem telling a story.

Love to touch hearts with my writing art form. I am a proud Mother and Grandmother living a simple life. Hope to continue writing and sharing touching hearts along the way for many years to come.

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