Review: Fear and Longing in Los Angeles



If New York is the city that never sleeps, then L.A. is the city where you have to sleep with one eye open.

Michael Andrews learns quickly that it’s not just the cut-throat world of Hollywood you need to fear. There’s something deeper, darker, and far more disturbing lurking just beneath the shadows of the city, waiting for any moment of vulnerability to grab you by the throat.

An extended trip to Los Angeles to be on set for the movie adaptation of his latest novel leads Michael into a twisted and macabre underworld where he becomes entangled with an intriguing, sexy, and mysterious woman. At times she seems just what he needs in order to finally get over the unrequited love of his ex-girlfriend; but at other times, she appears to be the gateway to a Pandora’s box of B-movie nightmares.

Can he trust her? Can he trust himself with her?

Michael’s supernatural wolf-enhanced powers and special abilities might not be enough to survive this particular harsh and gritty jungle and the unique and deadly predators that crawl out of the shadows.

Rating: 5-stars


Fear and Longing in Los Angeles by Mark Leslie is a fantastic read! It is the adult version of a cross between R.L. Stine’s famous Goosebumps series and of the Marvel movies…I was deeply engaged with this story. There are a lot of references that any reader will know as they read the book. I laughed a lot throughout this tale.

Michael is a werewolf. He turns when the moon is 80 percent or full. It is a huge annoyance to him. However, it does nothing for his love life. His dilemma at first is one that everyone can relate to…

Then, the story presents a worse case scenario. One that is worse than just wondering how to woe his love. An unknown danger has presented itself, and the characters rose together to fight it. Michael is an unforgettable character! I cannot wait to read the next exciting adventure in this series.

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