Meet This Actor, Author, & Musician: Ace Antonio Hall

Q: Tell us about your latest single, Teenage RockStarr. 

Besides me singing on the track, it features Fredro Starr, iconic Hip Hop artist and actor from the legendary group Onyx. Additionally, it features Dave Moreno who plays drums for Puddle of Mudd. I’m grateful for being on Triumphant T.M.E. Records. They’re allowing me to express myself the way I always wanted to creatively.

The fact that ‘Teenage RockStarr’ is playing on nearly 100 radio stations worldwide is mind-blowing. In part, that’s due to the hard work of Alternative Twist Radio and my team.

Q: Where did you find the inspiration for this new single? 

It’s a song that is based on a character on my new book about teenage bloodsuckers who when they aren’t solving supernatural crimes play in a rock band. 

Q: How do you manage to juggle all of your careers so successfully?

I focus on one project at a time, fully enveloping myself into the creative process until it’s done. If I’m writing a novel, that’s all I can think about and work on. The same goes for this album I’ve been working on. Something inside of me doesn’t let me stop until I know I’m done. 

Q: What other projects are you currently working on?

I sound like a hypocrite but after I finish my rock album, I will go back to completing my new novel. I only stopped because of ‘Teenage RockStarr’. Once the idea of releasing the song came into fruition, the universe began to send songs to me, literally. Other producers sent me songs, the guitarist Johnny Human Torch sent me some killer songs and the rest was just a natural progression. 

Additionally, I’m working with an executive producer who is in the process of adapting two of my novels for a TV series. That includes going to a ton of creative meetings. 

Q: What type of music do you enjoy creating? 

My family had an eclectic taste for music so they introduced an openess to pretty much love all forms. Early on in my twenties, I had a recording studio, and shared a space with Slick Rick’s deejay, Vance Wright up in New Rochelle, New York. 

Back then, I produced house, funk, R&B, pop and rock music. It took me many years for my voice to mature enough to sing rock the way I do now. 

I enjoy creating alternative rock the most.

Q: Where can fans find you, your music, and books online? 

I recently revamped my website. You can access everything—my novels, published articles, news about public speaking events, conferences, interview videos and music through AAntonioHall (dot) com.


The rock singer, songwriter and Bram Stoker Award-winning author wrote, performed and produced the alternative rock song “Teenage RockStarr”. It features Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) on drums. Both the radio and the clean versions feature Dave as the drummer but the clean version also features Hip Hop icon/actor, Fredro Starr from the legendary group Onyx. 

Influenced by mostly Seattle-bred bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Nirvana, Nzondi’s “Teenage RockStarr” carries the energy of a Red Hot Chili Peppers-charged track. 

Nzondi is also the first African-American to win the most prestigious award in horror for a novel category, the Bram Stoker. “Teenage RockStarr” was inspired by a character in Nzondi’s upcoming vampire book called “Demons for Hire”. 

In September 2022, Nzondi made the front cover for the Opal and E.G.O. magazines as the Author of the Month and “A Global Sensation” respectively.

About Teenage RockStarr (feat Fredro Starr) by Nzondi
Record Label/Distributor: Triumphant T.M.E./Worldwide Music
Distribution Length: 3:07
Ace Antonio-Hall
Alain LaPorte
Fredro Starr
Vocals: Nzondi
Guitars/Bass: Alain LaPorte

Drums: Dave Moreno
Producer: Nzondi
Mixed by: Stephen Villanueva (Los Angeles) & D’Anthony Johnson (New York)
Mastered by: Chris Gehringer, Sterling Sound Studios, NY. “Teenage RockStarr” by Nzondin from the album The Toxic:
Stream “Teenage RockStarr”:

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Facebook 2:

Album Cover Artist: Kwan Lee


Nzondi (Ace Antonio Hall) is an American horror author and is the first African American to win a Bram Stoker in a novel category for his young adult book. The Bram Stoker Award is the most prestigious award given to horror writers in the world. 

Among his many short stories that were published in anthologies and print magazines, Nzondi’s short story, “Raising Mary: Frankenstein”, was nominated for the 2016 horror story of the year for the 19th Annual Editors and Preditors Readers Poll. Additionally, three of his short stories were on the Horror Writers Association Reading list for the 2017 Bram Stoker Awards. His non-fiction article “When Writing About Mental Illness, Handle With Care” (Books & Buzz Magazine, June 2022) is on the 2023 Reading List for the Bram Stoker Awards.

Recently, Nzondi was inspired by one of the characters in his upcoming work ShapeDrifters. He wrote, sung and produced an alternative rock song called “Teenage RockStarr” based on a teenage vampire singer named Elle, who is a part of a band
named Toxic in his story. The song was released in July and it features the legendary hip-hop artist Fredro Starr from the group Onyx and David Moreno on drums, who currently plays for Puddle of Mudd.

A former Director of Education for NYC schools and the Sylvan Learning Center, Nzondi earned a BFA from Long Island University. His latest novel, Lipstick Asylum, and his other works can be found on his website:

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