Review: Throwing Shadows


Throwing Shadows is a collection of 9 creepy stories that have something for everyone.

A woman develops an unhealthy obsession with a scarecrow. A boy plays with a Ouija board and receives a terrifying warning of murder. A down-on-his-luck father learns what happens when you die in your sleep. These stories and six more frightening tales await the reader within the pages of Throwing Shadows: A Dark Collection.

Throwing Shadows will feed that hungry dark side that lives in your cellar.

* This collection of horror, thriller, and science fiction has something for readers seeking tales of suspenseful fiction. With a vintage paperback feel, along with a modern sensibility, these short stories will take the readers down a dark path of pulp dread. Throwing shadows: A Dark Collection will feed that hungry dark side that lives in your cellar.

Rating: 5-stars


Throwing Shadows by Jerry Roth is phenomenal. Talk about wow! This book contains several horror stories that are perfect. They are dark, terrifying, and suspenseful. I was hooked. The emotional rollercoaster of fear, dread, and the unknown creeped around me. Chills run down my back. This makes Stephen King novels look like child’s play. I highly recommend reading this superb collection of mysterious horror tales while it is daylight. You will not be able to sleep after reading these stories! Jerry Roth is a new writer to me. His writing is well-done. They are short, quick to the point, and have just right amount of details. I can sense and feel what the characters are going through in the scenes. The scenes happen quickly. Then, there are twists and turns that I did not see coming. Overall, this was the perfect set of dark reads.

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