Review: One Night with The Duke


A #1 New York Times bestselling author delivers a sexy and scandalous Regency romance about an adventurous woman and the mysterious son of a Duke who finds his way into her life—perfect for Bridgerton fans.

Eliza Melrose has always cherished her independence. And when she and her family lived in the countryside, it was easy to slip out for a midnight ride, write articles for her father’s newspaper, and otherwise do as she pleased. But now that they’ve moved to the heart of fashionable London, her every move is scrutinized and judged. Worse yet, her father wants her to wed and take her proper place in society.

But Eliza wants nothing to do with marriage. And when the new Duke of Chester moves into his family’s long-abandoned home across the square, her journalistic instincts immediately kick in. Are the rumors true—did he really kill his family? Is he as rakish as everyone says? The more Eliza finds out, the more she wants to know. Because the duke is a fascinating study of contradictions—reclusive and arrogant, fiercely protective and deeply passionate. But those who dance too close to the fire often get burned. And as the undeniable flame between them ignites, the only question is: Who’s holding the match?

Rating: 5-stars


One Night with The Duke by Jodi Ellen Malpas is hilarious and sexy. It also has heartwarming moments that made me want to never leave the story behind. The banters between the heroine and the hero were some of the most entertaining banters I have ever read. I laughed with every word. Each word by each character was taunt with tension and passion. The bad boy Duke kept trying his best to stay away from the mouthy yet clever young lady. Although, she claims to not be a lady, her actions most times says she is indeed a lady. A lady worth fighting for according to the Duke. She finds she is to be sold due to the horrible bargain her father put her and their family into…yet, she bravely fights with everything has. She is even willingly to undergo a loveless marriage to save her family from ruin. But the Duke has his own plans to save them all. Fun, action-packed, and absolutely delightful, One Night with the Duke is a historical romance I shall never forget.

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