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A funeral can evoke sadness on the faces of those that attend it, especially when they reach the cemetery. Looking at those faces, I began to wonder what they were thinking, and possibly what they were hiding.

As I scanned the tombstones, I contemplated whether many of the faces behind these stones were wronged during their lives. I can almost hear the voices behind those stones barely standing straight. Will they tell me how they ended up here? Were they guilty of great evil in life, or were they wrongly accused?

Listen as they tell their stories, and chills will run down your spine as you learn: What lies behind the stones.

The story each voice will tell you was silenced in life by the evil of others. Hear their words, understand their reasons, and then you the decide: Were the Accusations wrong?

Rating: 5-stars


Accusations by Fran Lewis is the most intriguing book I have ever read. Fran Lewis crafts a paranormal horror story that gets darker with every page. The dead behind their tombstones tell their stories. It is up to the reader to decide were the Accusations wrong. I loved how unique the situations were, how some were similar and how others were completely different. Each character in the book added to the suspense and dark atmosphere. It was very interesting. Fran Lewis writes well. Her words became vivid images in my mind. They played out like a movie before me. I cannot wait to read the other books by this talented writer!

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