Meet This Author: Zachary Rosenberg

Q: When did you begin writing your book, Hungers As Old as This Land

I first began Hungers…I want to say last April when it started as a short story. The expansion happened in June when I had the story to show how it ended, but it needed a new beginning and a lot in between.

Q: Will this be a series or a standalone book?

I’m very much hoping for a series! I have another book I’m planning out now with some ideas, and my publisher has been very supportive on wanting more!

Q: What themes will readers find inside Hungers As Old as This Land?

Themes of manifest destiny and colonialism with the brutality therein. The abandonment of one’ own humanity for money. But also themes of endurance, of fighting to do the right thing in the face of adversity. Very Jewish themes of diaspora and strength, of keeping and embracing identity.

Q: How would you describe your protagonists?

Esther and Siobhan are women who embrace who they are. Both are marginalized women, being Jewish and half-Creek in Esther’s case. They’re devoted to one another and their home, to the point of carrying out a regular pact with the creatures of the Hungers. Esther is more reserved and cautious while Siobhan loves a show and being able to flaunt her talents. But at the end of the day, they’re both good-hearted, decent people who care greatly for those about them.

Q: Which characters from your novel did you have the most fun in creating? 

Esther and Cyril Redstone. As Esther is the hero of the book, Cyril is a blast of a villain. A man almost too much a sociopath to be prejudiced, who measures human life only in dollar value. His dialogue is, put it simply, fun. He’s a ruthless, evil, vile man without a trace of good quality to him. But he’s charismatic, witty, clever, and delightfully amoral.

Q: Describe your writing style using three words. 

Incisive, eloquent, and emotional!

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online? 

Find me on Twitter @ZachRoseWriter and Instagram @ZachRose32. My book can be found right on Amazon, and soon for Barnes and Noble as well with my second, The Long Shalom!

Author Bio:

Zachary Rosenberg is a horror writer living in Florida. He crafts horrifying tales by night and by day he practices law, which is even more frightening.  His forthcoming debut novella “Hungers as Old As This Land.” will be published by Brigids Gate Press and his first novel “The Devils and the Deep Blue Sea” shall be published by Darklit Press. You may find his works released or forthcoming at Air and Nothingness Press, Dead Sea Press and Nosetouch Press. You may follow him on Twitter at @ZachRoseWriter

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