Review: Murder at an Irish Wedding (book 2)

          Synopsis: The O Sullivan clan of County Cork, Ireland, are thrilled to be catering the matrimonial affairs of a celebrity couple until a cunning killer turns an Irish wedding into an Irish wake . . . "Any wedding is a big deal in the small village of Kilbane even more... Continue Reading →

Review: Before the Court of Heaven

Synopsis: Historical Fiction based on a true story. A cautionary tale for today - how Germany's Weimar democracy became the Nazi dictatorship. Germany, after World War I. Ernst Werner Techow, son of a magistrate, a child of privilege, joins the violent right-wing response to Germany’s defeat. As a member of the para-military Free Corps and... Continue Reading →

Review: Trip to Anguilla Pt. 1 (Indecent Chronicles Book 2)

  Synopsis: Omar leads a life of denial and uncertainty, living in a protective bubble created by his father and uncle; to protect him, to shield him from the severity of the world. His childhood was spent in the belief that his father was a simple businessman, but something didn't fit there. His guests, his... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Sweet Southern Trouble by Heather McGhee

Sweet Southern Trouble is indeed a must read romance. A southern sweet, luring, and funny romance that will beckon all readers to read it. Heather McGhee has the stunning talent in weaving  a noel full of gossips, scandals, and mystery all into one amazing novel. Blabbermouth Becky O'Shea is tasked with finding out more about... Continue Reading →

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