FREE Book Reviews

Free book reviews for authors are now available on here. This is to help writers improve their writing, and to gain help in promoting their works.

If your books receive 4 or 5-star reviews, then your book will be promoted on our sites via: Facebook, Google, Linked-In and Universal Creativity Incorporated sites, as well as being featured in our monthly free digital magazine, Universal Creativity. Also, you will receive feedback on your work, no matter how many star reviews you receive back.

We prefer only these digital formats:

– Kindle


– ePUB

– Net Gallery

Thank you!

To submit your work in for reviews, please use the form above to email that you are interested in a free review. We will then email you back. You can email an attachment of your work to us via email.  Our email is:


Urban Book Reviews

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    1. Sorry about that. We switched sites and forgot to check that all our data went through right. I have updated the page. You can easily email us your requests for a free book review. Thank you!


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