Our Services

FREE book reviews: must send us a digital or print copy for free to review. Digital formats allowed will be the following: Kindle, ePub, and PDF.

Sponsored Book Reviews: ($5) These will be completed within 1-3 days. Reviews are posted on Amazon & Goodreads.

Sponsored Author Package: ($10) This package includes the following: a sponsored book review, an author interview, & all social media promotions.

Website Feature for Book: $3

Website Feature for Upcoming Releases: $3

Website Author Spotlight: $3


All promos are posted on the following social media:

Facebook – @urbanbookreviews
Facebook – @urbanlitmagazine
Twitter – @urbanliterary
Tumblr – @universalcreativityinc.
LinkedIn – Danielle Urban
Google – @urbanlitmagazine
Instagram – @urbalitmagazine

Website: https://urbanbookreviewsrus.wordpress.com

Types of promos we offer:

Promo with excerpt – $3 (purchase links, book cover, and excerpt).

Promo with book review – $6 (purchase links, book cover, and review).

Cover reveal + interview + book review – $6

Cover reveal + interview + book review + guest post – $8

FREE Author Interview


Other services:

Short Story Feature in Magazine: Must send this to us via email and the short story must not be longer than 3 pages. The story needs to be in English, 12 size font, and in Word Document. (FREE)

Poetry Feature in Magazine: Must send this to us via email and the poems must not be longer than 3 pages. The poems need to be in English, 12 size font, and in Word Document. (FREE)

Guest Writing: (FREE) Have a funny, interesting or frustrating story to tell? Does it relate to being a writer, publisher or an editor? Have a writing experience, a writing blooper, or something that you think others need to know? Send us your guest writings to our email: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com, we would be happy to read, share, and publish what you have.

Accepted Methods of Payment include:



Amazon eGift Card to: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com


Cash App to: $daniurban

11 thoughts on “Our Services

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  1. HI Danielle. Teddy Rose set me up with you. Your site looks great. Can you tell me what you need from me, other than my book, which you should have already received some time ago. She says you’re set up for a guest post on September 5, but I’m not sure what that entails. Am I to write the post? Thank you!

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  2. Danielle, I know you’ve reviewed one of my books, but did you review my last one, The Con Case. If not I’d like you to do so. Also I’d like your most complete package of social media coverage etc. so please let me know, besides the gift certificate for The Con Case Kindle edition, how much I will owe you. Thanks. I like this site. I actually now have one of my own with a newsletter and an email connection to me, Marc Hirsch Author. All my best for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Marc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Marc! I have reviewed 2 of your novels. I just double checked and all my reviews are still on Amazon, Goodreads, & here. I would love to review the new novel, The Con Case. You can send me the gift copy to my email: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com & as for the media coverage package you will owe $3. That covers: a book cover + book links + synopsis + review on social media. I will then email you the links once they posts are live. Thank you!


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