Review Policy Updates




We do not review books in the following genres/topics: urban fiction, street fiction, erotica, and anything with a lot of violence, drugs, and abuse. 

Other than those, we accept every other book.

Review copies must be provided in exachange for an honest review. 

All book reviews are free.

Reviews are posted on here, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn. 

Reviews can be quoted by authors and be used by the authors for any place they want to use them for…we have had several authors use them for their covers and early release reviews.

If a request is made for a guest post/interview and a book review, then those reviews will not be posted until the interviews/guest posts are turned in to us. We post those on the same day.

Books must be in print format. All books must be mailed to us at the following address:

Urban Book Reviews

202 Eden Road

Mountain Home, AR




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