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Review: The Significant Other by Nicole Strycharz 


Adam: I swore off men years ago to protect myself. I don’t trust guys. Guys break hearts, they take, and they don’t give like women do. That’s why for the past ten years I’ve entrusted my heart to a tattooed, multi-hair colored, vixen named Trix. Trixie is my safe haven. She doesn’t just back up my voice in our band she backs me in life. 
Sadly, I don’t reciprocate like I should. My phobia of PDA and my over-protectiveness are hard to put up with. It might be because I need more than I let on. More than I would dare to admit to. 
We moved to NY to grow as a band but then I met ‘him’…our boss; a sexy as hell, bad boy with a convict’s past and a talent for breaking men and women’s hearts alike. He’s bad news… An urban beast with too much edge and he’s prowling around my comfort-zone relationship. 
Now I’m not sure who my significant other is… my girl or the man determined to remind me who I really am and what I truly want. 

Trixie: Coming to the city was our ticket to fame. It was me and Adam against the odds of notoriety but since we arrived in the Big Apple, we’ve also been made aware how small our bubble of safe love is. 
I know what my boyfriend probably hasn’t admitted to himself… that I’m not enough for him. We both are just too chicken to do anything about it. 
New York is changing us. The people we meet here, the emotions we face, even our music… and if there is anything you learn from these streets, it’s this… 
Traffic and life, they both wait for no one. You have to go with the flow, ride the current, and keep up the pace. Both Adam’s love and mine is being tested, or it’s about to end. 
Hopefully we can figure it all out. Oh and add that to my list of to do’s like keeping my twin away from a dangerous drug lord, struggling not to fall from a stranger, keeping the band from falling apart and not becoming a bumbling idiot in front of our criminally hot boss. Yeah…criminal…

Rating: 5-stars


The Significant Other by Nicole Strycharz is another brilliant masterpiece. Striaght and the LGBT community will love this book. Once more, I got another taste of the heart and soul the writer puts into her words. Emotionally, tugging on my heart strings. I cried, I laughed, and I fell in love. Frustrating, stunning, and well-told. The entire tale was nothing but epic. 

Nicole Strycharz created her first novel featuring a gay couple. A man who likes other men. That was until he had his heart broken. Then, he went and fell for Trixie. A female singer. But despite her loving him…something just was missing. Both knew it. Adam just didn’t want to face it and neither did Trixie. Adam is a sexy hot alpha male who easily gets under readers skin, like he did to me. His has a big heart. I noticed that from the beginning. Adam hid himself with Trixie…keeping his heart guarded. Until, they meet their new boss. A boss that is more alpha than Adam, sexy hot too, and has a thing for Adam…

Trixie is a submissive kind of woman. Made her great for Adam. But she wasn’t meant for him. That’s thought love. She knew Adam’s real love and it wasn’t for her. Trixie too, has the biggest heart anyone has read in fiction. Despite her sexy tough looks, lies a sweet engaging woman looking for love. Trixie finds love but it fails…then she has a sister that made me want to hug Trixie. Trixie goes out and beyond for her sister. A sister who will never change…

Overall, The Significant Other is a book I can easily see made into a movie for 18-year-olds and above due to its content. Sex, drugs, and other things. Life is messy, complicated, and unfair. I really enjoyed this novel, because it brought out real life issues that people battle with each day. Believable, intriguing, and well-written. Nicole Strycharz has done it again with her latest piece. I applaud Nicole for her astounding job in creating three-dimensional characters whose stories I’ll never forget. So readers, yes, I highly recommend this talented writer’s book, The Significant Other to all. 


Review: A Calling Dream




Loradean is an undereducated daughter of a preacher from South Carolina. After the death of her mother, at the age of thirteen, she is raped and manipulated into marriage by a childhood friend, Halo Harmon.
Heartache after heartache nearly breaks her, but she finds the will to escape her bondage. Moving north, she discovers a new world, new friends and love. However, the past doesn’t let go so easily.

Rating: 5 stars


A Calling Dream by B.D. Jordan is a novel suited for the strong of hear. A lot happens to one woman and then history comes back to bite her in the rear. Her own child is raped by a man she married. A mother who has gone through the same thing her own baby went through should kick out the sleaze ball…and yet he still lives with her. Loradean is not my favorite character…however, she makes for a great antagonist. The sympathy I felt for Loradean’s poor daughter, Marion is great. I wanted to help Marion and hope she gets the help she needs. The ending was a major cliffhanger…I hope Loradean and that disgusting man of hers get what they deserve one day…

B.D. Jordan has created a stunning novel that paints the life that many misfortunate women face. Sad, dark, and full of adult content…I would recommend this read for readers 18 and above…Readers will loose themselves deeply inside of this plot. A steady paced story that will keep readers hooked until the last page. I highly recommend A Calling Dream to readers.

Book Review: Veiled Obsession by Dori Lavelle

Veiled Obsession (His Agenda 1)

Veiled Obsession by Dori Lavelle is one fascinating tale of how one woman who has it all suddenly loses everything. Haley has a wonderful and rich lifestyle that many would love to have and most of all, she shares it with a successful and sexy as hell man. Jude MacKnight comes to Haley’s rescue and thrusts her up in life but one false move and Jude MacKnight real colors come out. Showing Haley that he is definitely not the man she thought he was and all her love for him instantly disappears. Haley goes about trying to find a way to leave abusive and brutal man that she once loved.

Dori Lavelle’s novel will leave readers in awe. Her stunningly well written piece is indeed n addictive romance that all will enjoy. Plus, it comes with the high intensifying danger, sex, and horrors of one man completely coming undone and keeping one woman hostage. Haley is the main character that readers will fall in love with and become inspired at how no matter what she continues to escape the life that once was good turned into a complete hellhole. Veiled Obsession is one that readers must read. A masterpiece beautifully crafted with a thrilling and realistic story to tell. I enjoyed reading this novel and look forward to reading more by this talented writer. Overall, I highly recommend this to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars.