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Review: Plain Jane Volume 1


Plain Jane is a fictitious character that transitions from humblings beginnings into a Multi Millionaire. Along the journey she meets a special person; whom she thinks is truly for her, but is he or is he just an opportunist? Jane realizes that the top can, not only be lonely, but troublesome. Plain Jane allows you to follow the life of a rap star. This is a series that continues and continues. Guarantees you’ll be well entertain through every page.

Rating:  5-stars


Plain Jane Volume 1 by Danielle Bouying is an interesting perspective on life. Here, I got to follow a young woman who went from nothing to something. As readers will see, the life of the rich is not all that glamours. People, even the rich, get used. No one really knows if one is a true friend or friend for a specific reason. Same thing happens when romance begins. Is a lover really into the character her or not…and how she handles it all. I was intrigued. This book gives an inside peek into a rapper’s life and the things that could break her or make her better. Overall, I recommend Plain Jane Volume 1 to readers everywhere. The plot is different than my normal reading and proved worthy of my time. Easy to read and follow along. 


Review: A Calling Dream




Loradean is an undereducated daughter of a preacher from South Carolina. After the death of her mother, at the age of thirteen, she is raped and manipulated into marriage by a childhood friend, Halo Harmon.
Heartache after heartache nearly breaks her, but she finds the will to escape her bondage. Moving north, she discovers a new world, new friends and love. However, the past doesn’t let go so easily.

Rating: 5 stars


A Calling Dream by B.D. Jordan is a novel suited for the strong of hear. A lot happens to one woman and then history comes back to bite her in the rear. Her own child is raped by a man she married. A mother who has gone through the same thing her own baby went through should kick out the sleaze ball…and yet he still lives with her. Loradean is not my favorite character…however, she makes for a great antagonist. The sympathy I felt for Loradean’s poor daughter, Marion is great. I wanted to help Marion and hope she gets the help she needs. The ending was a major cliffhanger…I hope Loradean and that disgusting man of hers get what they deserve one day…

B.D. Jordan has created a stunning novel that paints the life that many misfortunate women face. Sad, dark, and full of adult content…I would recommend this read for readers 18 and above…Readers will loose themselves deeply inside of this plot. A steady paced story that will keep readers hooked until the last page. I highly recommend A Calling Dream to readers.

Book Review: Down Home Blues by Phyllis R. Dixon

Down Home Blues by Phyllis R. Dixon is an interesting novel. Readers will follow back and forth between different characters and their lives. Life is never easy and Phyllis R. Dixon carefully portrays real life issues in this well-written story. Not everyone has a happy ending or the perfect life. There are no perfect heroes coming to a woman’s aid. There are real men who treat women like pieces they own instead of a human being who deserves respect. Then, there’s a mother’s unease as her son goes off fighting a war right after Thanksgiving. New Years being spent all alone by one woman and one man. A cheating husband and a man who just got out of prison as an addict. A father who is meeting his kids and trying to be the best father he can for them. A son who doesn’t like his father and has every right to feel angry.

Readers will be brought deep into a world of reality. Some never see the ugly side of life and this novel shows what it can be like. Phyllis shows how her characters struggled and how they tried to overcome their situations. I liked how easy I could see and sense what was going on in the scenes with the characters and their families. A journey unlike any other. I do recommend this to readers and I rate Down Home Blues a four out of five stars.

Book Review: The Forbidden Man by Elle Wright

The Forbidden Man is one amazing romance novel that captures the realistic story of one woman who choose the wrong man. Sydney Williams’s fiance the wrong man. Her fiance turned into a man that was completely opposite from the man he is now. Den is the kind of man who begs his woman to stay with him when he keeps going behind her back and sleeps with other women. Sydney and Den’s brother always made up excuses for Den but not anymore. Den’s brother Morgan has always loved Sydney but because she’s with his brother Den, he won’t go near her romantically. But as Den screws up for the last time,  Morgan just might be able to have Sydney as his woman. But how will that affect his relationship with his brother and the family who kindly took him in as their own?
Elle Wright’s novel, The Forbidden Man, is one fantastic read. Romance at it’s finest. Humor, drama, and enough heat to keep readers lured in until the end. The ending itself will leave readers with a need to read more by this talented mastermind, Elle Wright. Her words are perfect and her characters are believable. I couldn’t believe her novel was indeed fiction. It was just that good of a read. I highly recommend this story to readers worldwide. You won’t regret reading this beautifully written novel. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby

The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby is one betrayal that leads unto another. A riveting story that takes readers deep into the center of the most intriguing plot line ever. Readers will be taken on a wild journey of emotions as those who betray and are betrayed go about their lives the best they can or at least they think they are. Kimberly Lawson Roby has masterfully integrated a Christian way of life into a story line that has so many bad twists and turns on every page that will keep readers turning to read further.  It is easy for readers to connect on every level with the two friends as the go about trying not to hurt those they care about but some times when you think you are not hurting someone, you might end up doing just that. I highly recommend readers to dive deep into The Ultimate Betrayal. One novel that hook you in from the beginning.
Alicia Black is a daughter of a Reverend. After four years of divorcing her second husband she winds up dating her first husband all over again. And this time she has worked hard to prove her royalty to him is stronger than ever, so when he proposes to her once more Alicia can’t say no.  And then there’s her best friend Melanie Richardson who  is having her own crisis with her own husband and maybe more. Melanie is stressed from her husband’s suspicious behavior and takes a dive for the worst. Fate has a way to add more trouble than what Alicia can handle, Melanie doesn’t want to talk to her and her second husband is out of jail and reformed as a completely new man. Which betrayal will Melanie make this time and will she be able to save her love life and her best friend or lose everything? The Ultimate Betrayal definitely suits the novel entirely and will keep readers guessing as to who and what will happen next. A perfect must read for all. Overall, I rate this sensational drama a five out of five stars.