Review: The House of Binding Thorns














The multi-award-winning author of The House of Shattered Wings continues her Dominion of the Fallen saga as Paris endures the aftermath of a devastating arcane war….

As the city rebuilds from the onslaught of sorcery that nearly destroyed it, the great Houses of Paris, ruled by Fallen angels, still contest one another for control over the capital.

House Silverspires was once the most powerful, but just as it sought to rise again, an ancient evil brought it low. Phillippe, an immortal who escaped the carnage, has a singular goal—to resurrect someone he lost. But the cost of such magic might be more than he can bear.

In House Hawthorn, Madeleine the alchemist has had her addiction to angel essence savagely broken. Struggling to live on, she is forced on a perilous diplomatic mission to the underwater dragon kingdom—and finds herself in the midst of intrigues that have already caused one previous emissary to mysteriously disappear….

As the Houses seek a peace more devastating than war, those caught between new fears and old hatreds must find strength—or fall prey to a magic that seeks to bind all to its will.

Rating: 3-stars


The House of Binding Thorns by Aliette De Bodard is a fallen angel story. Fallen angels among others are fighting to own Paris. But after a war, they are struggling to make the city strong again. Still fighting over ownership, two houses are trying to combine power of ownership. Yet destruction still hangs in the air…ready to strike once more. Power, fear, and loyalties are tested within these pages. The plot felt slow to me. I felt like I was dragged through the book, in the slowest way possible. I did not feel connected to the characters. It was like they did whatever they felt like doing for their own goals. This book held potential to be more than what it presented. However, it fell short of those expectations.


Review: Knowing There is More










I believe we have extraordinary stories inside of us. Stories that perhaps we have never told to anyone because they are difficult for us to accept as true. Often they tell of an intervention where someone or something appears in our lives unexpectedly and challenges our commonly held beliefs. No longer are we 100% confident we operate solely with our five senses to maneuver through life. There is something more trying to wake us up.

Consider the possibility there is a divine knowing available to us, and all that is required on our part is being open to its presence.

These 22 stories, though unique in their settings, speak to this presence of knowing there is more. A knowing that brought one woman to trust again … a knowing that guided a woman to protect her children from those who appeared loving and safe … a knowing to take a class that later saved a life.

It is my belief that the more attention we give to this knowing energy around us, the more we will feel the abundance of life and be less likely to think, “Is this all there is?”

So let’s tell our stories to all who will listen-our storytelling will inspire others to bring forth experiences deep within them. Sharing our stories can warm our hearts, bring excitement to the moment, and enlarge the connectedness we all have to one another.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Knowing There is More by Carol Hibbert is an inspirational collection of stories that make me believe there is something more. My grandmother told me a similar story yet I could not tell if she was serious. After reading these tales, I am left wondering.  Hoping that there is indeed more. I found these to be deep, thought provoking, and healing. It brings a sense of peace and calm to others like me. Truly, a heartfelt collection. There is more than what we can fanthom at times.  It is not until we experience it, that we believe. Overall, I recommend this stunning set with emotional journeys to all readers.


Review: Whispering Winds


Healing is a power that fifteen-year-old, Brenna Finlayson, has fought long and hard to subdue. When a harebrained idea suddenly occurs to her, she risks losing everything by revealing herself to the one person she fears losing the most. 


Brenna’s spontaneous unveiling brings about the revealing of other truths. She, and her twin sister, Keely, have destinies to fulfill. Destinies that require them to fight. maybe even kill. As an innate healer, violence is the last thing Brenna wants.  
In an attempt to live a normal, peaceful life, Brenna rejects her heritage, choosing a different path. But the path she chooses doesn’t bring her the normalcy she was hoping for. 

Not even close. 

Rating: 4-stars


Whispering Winds Unveiled by Tiffany Garnett is another great YA read. For fans of the paranormal genre this needs to be added to your list. Two sisters, twins, have destinies to fulfill. Like most charcaters in this environment one of them isn’t too thrilled about her destiny. Avoiding her path, Brenna still faces the life she tries to avoid. The plot was intriguing. A bit slow at first but worthy of reading. A new adventure full of drama and twists. Brenna is a charcater that is easy to relate to…her life isn’t easy and tough choices have to be made. Overall, I recommend Whispering Winds Unveiled by Tiffany Garnett.

Review: The Cat Factory & Other Stories



From a 100,000-year-war, in space to the everyday horrors of loss and aging, the new collection by Tim Newton Anderson will spark your imagination and touch your heart as his characters meet horror with humanity.
You will meet:
 An artist who crafts miniature solar systems
 Three youngsters in a children’s home who turn their disabilities into advantages
 A group of unlikely friends who encounter angels at their bingo club
 The ugliest cat in the world who faces murder by an industrialist seeking the perfect pet
 An unscrupulous politician who finds an internet tool to control the population
 A ‘Pataphysical scientist who has accidentally split himself in two, in a rivalry to find the secrets of life and the ultimate joke
 A camera that not only photographs ghosts but captures them
 A man facing the demons of his childhood and another who is haunted by his younger self

Rating: 5 stars


The Cat Factory and Other Stories by Tim Newton Anderson is an interesting collection of tales that will instantly grab readers’attention. Once readers open up the book, they won’t be putting it down until they finished.  Well-written, intriguing, and different. Each story within touches readers’ hearts and minds. Thought provoking. This book, leads me to thinking…what if these things were to happen…what then? Curious plot lines and interesting characters. I found this collection unique and highly entertaining. Overall, I recommend The Cat Factory and Other Stories to readers everywhere.

Review: Angel Diaries



He was forbidden. Uncontrollable. Never to be seen, mentioned, or otherwise talked about. Until the nightmares began. Searing the screams, carnage and death into her skull. Forever.

Before this, Lindsey had a normal life. Somewhat. She had a boyfriend who was acting strange, an ex-boyfriend who has been too flirtatious and a best friend who turned psychic.

Once upon a time, the hardest decision Lindsey had to make was who she would take to the upcoming Winter Dance: her boyfriend, Philip, or her ex, Luke. Now, she’s not even human. She’s an Angel.

Rating: 5 stars


The Angel Diaries by Larissa Hinton is one paranormal YA novel that will leave readers breathless and excited for the next novel. Suspense and danger hang on every page. Readers are lured deeply into the fast-paced plot that is full of action and heat. Young teens in love, is enough, to heat up the pages. Their love is raw, innocent, and full of power. A power of good versus evil. One young girl’s heart belongs to two different teen boys. An ex-boyfriend who can instantly make her feel good at the drop of a hat and know how to make her happy and then, there’s her new boyfriend who she thought she loved and wanted to go all the way with…but something happens that causes her to leave one guy behind and to begin a life with the other. Surprises are abundant in this intoxicating tale. Lindsey will find out something about her and her mom and even who her father is…secrets kept for a reason and then, there are the haunting dreams that will send shivers down any reader’s spine. I absolutely loved reading The Angel Diaries by Larissa Hinton. Her talent is strongly evident with every page turned and every character introduced. Overall, I highly recommend this YA title to readers everywhere.


Review: Mama Sauveterre’s Curiosity Shoppe



Once upon a time, there once lived two friends. Simone Sauveterre, the blind, elderly and kind owner of a unique antique store in Peoria…and the beautiful but vain Tassina D’Emerald, an artist from New Orleans. But something unpleasant happened between them in 1976, and they haven’t spoken since.

With a little black magic and an unwitting young girl, Tassina plans to resolve their secret grudge once and for all…no matter what the cost.

But standing in the way of her agenda is a recently deceased occultist, a college professor, a greedy mob boss, a kooky blonde hippie, ghosts, mages, vampires, angels…and a very angry demon who isn’t happy at all with what’s going on.

Welcome to the Curiosity Shoppe, where nearly everything can be found, bought or sold. Just make sure you read the fine print!

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Mama Sauveterre’s Curiosity Shoppe by John Yeo Jr. is the most interesting paranormal story I have read. The most selfish character one can think of slims in comparison to Tassina D’Emerald. Her life was fine until she jumped deep into a world unlike any other. Black magic is to be feared and once you mess with it, everything changes for the worst. Tassina D’Emerald soon experiences just how wrong it can go, when what she wanted is nothing like what she sees. Tassina was warned but she didn’t care. Decades of love and work have bene undone all by Tassina’s greed. The ending was a perfect end to it all. Characters of all kinds  can be found in this suspensful novel. Danger, action, and many lessons can be found inside this complex story. Readers will be dragged in from page one and won’t be released until the very end. I highly recommend this unique read to all. John Yeo Jr. definitely has a way of luring readers to his work. I look forward to reading his next masterpiece.


Angel’s Kiss Part 1

Nora Simmons was having the best dream ever. Being kissed by the most handsome man ever. His kiss left her feeling so..loved afterwards. Her friends thought she got herself a boyfriend due to the shine and puppy look in her eyes. How does she explain that she has incredible realistic dreams of her mystery man every night?  They will think she’s crazy let alone completely insane.
But boy those kisses made her turn into a hot liquid mess everytime.
She knew her dreams were just fantasies of her wildest dreams.
Were they really?

Matthew Sinclair, an angel from heaven was assined to watch over Nora. He couldn’t help himself. She was goregeous and sweet. And those pink lips of hers…
Damn, he couldn’t think straight being near her. She drove all his senses away,making his kissing her more and more of a problem.
His first and foremost job was to protect her. But hell it’s not easy. Why couldn’t he quard someone less beautiful and tempting.
But God wanted him to stay on as Nora’s Guardian angel.

Nora was driving to the groccery store when suddenly a man stands infront of her car. Braking her pedal hard and as fast as she could, Nora prayed she wouldn’t hit the man.
Why was he standing in the road like that? How did he suddenly appear there? Maybe she needs another cup of coffee and wake up.
Getting out of her car she heads over to the man.
“Can I help you?”, she asks.
“I don’t know who I am”, the stranger tells her.
Rushing over to his side she sees his head was injured badly.
“Come on in my car, I’ll take you to the doctor’s office in town”.
Walking to her car the dark haired stranger gets in.
Driving to the doctor’s office was long, quiet, and awakward for Nora.
Parking the car, the stranger and her head to the doctor’s office.
Nora explains to te nurse at the front desk the situation. The nurse quicklygets the doctor. Who then checks out the stranger. “Hm..definietly going to take awhile for his memory to get back. Other then that the stitches should stay intact til the wound is healed.”
“Thank you”, Nora told the doctor.
The doctor then took the stranger to his place. Until the stranger gets his memory back, nothing can be done.

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