Joys, Fears, and Frustrations of Being an Editor by Danita Moon

Joys, Fears, and Frustrations of Being an EditorBy Danita Moon   ​I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. When I read, things that may be incorrect have always popped out at me. I make a note of what I find and then go back to see if there was an... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned and happiness shared: a teacher turned writer talks about her books…

Do you remember the last time you had one life-changing, earth-shaking realization? A piece of insight that came to you like a thunderbolt and changed you forever. In moments like that, we remember the event in great detail, through all of our senses. For me, it was the spring of 2015. I was sitting at... Continue Reading →

Article: Freedom that No Longer Exists by Danielle Urban

Freedom No Longer Exists Where do we go when our nation built upon religious freedom no longer allows us to express our religious beliefs? We are left we keeping our religion hidden deep within ourselves. But then what point is there to religious freedom if we cannot express our Christian beliefs? We are a Christian nation... Continue Reading →

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