Author Interview with Jason Pellegrinni (Thriller/ Suspense Author)

Your novel, The Replacement, is an absolutely addictive read. Can you tell those readers who have not read your novel, briefly, what it is about? The Replacement is a story about two homicide detectives, Patrick Sullivan and Jonathan Hawkins, chasing after a serial killer that the public has named The Surgeon. The only problem is that The Surgeon... Continue Reading →

Author Interview with Nikki Lynn Barrett (Romance Author)

As a novelist, how would you describe a writer's lifestyle as? Crazy? Fun? Exciting? Interesting question! I think it varies. As for my particular lifestyle, it's unpredictable. But it's not just because I'm a writer, it's just how it goes.  Now inside my head- that's the crazy part. Characters constantly nagging at me to write... Continue Reading →

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